Happy Anniversary Moondog !!

Discussion in 'History' started by Nicks, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Kin ell they had colour photos back then?
  2. Same to you mate. I remember it as if it were yesterday,I was shitting myself :eek:
    Still, I stayed for the full wack! I hope life has been kind to the rest of the boys.
    PS you're still rats :lol:
  3. Your just jealous cos I still retain my good looks and my abundance of wit and charm!!

    Although like you I was cacking myself I would still do it all again today given the chance :rambo:
  4. 29th of March 1971 , and did 24 years man and boy , dont know where the time has gone , been outside 12 years , time goes so much faster the older you get .
  5. Andy, those aren't proper colour phots, cause the G Spot was monochrome. I've photos to prove it :mrgreen: . No, Nicks had these hand coloured, as was the norm in those days of yore!

    So Moondog, can we have bigger pic of you then and now, so we can see if Nicks is right. Incidentally were you the lad who spent a night in your bed under the LCW for oversleeping, or has Nicks been pulling my leg?

    PS: Did the bromide in the water result in all your Class having sons taller than their dads, or is Nicks just a freak of nature! :lol:
  6. Steve are you looking photos for your Gronk board :money:

    Ps Nicks is the vertically challenged sprog on my other left !!
  7. Dont show a photo of yourself now Frank,you were bad enough when you were young and had all your teeth so F**K knows what you look like now,although could be handy for scaring kids at Haloween time !!

    As for oversleeping if I remember rightly Moondog has a Tattoo of a Mattress on his back just in case he missed out on his all nights in !

    As for the handpainting,it took me ages to do it but you cant beat a bit of colouring by numbers :thumright:

    I will tell both my boys about calling them a freak of nature,thats when they return from The Falklands and the youngest from AFC Harrogate( I will never forgive him for being a pongo,but at 6ft 2 ins at 16 I wouldnt tell him that to his face ):rambo:
  8. Many happy returns fella's. I'm celebrating my 21st shortly and it hardly seems like five minutes at times. From what I hear there is probably only two others of my original class left and I haven't sighted either for a couple of years. Shame really - they were a lively bunch of characters.


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