In the light of Margaret Bucket and William Vague, condoning the sentence on Saddam, will they bring back Hanging here or are they hypocrites? It is reported that T Bliar does not agree with the hanging, but then, he has no option.


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Always_a_Civvy said:
Let he who is without wrongdoing operate the gallows.... there would be no one to operate them!
Perhaps it would be better to say "Let he who has been wronged operate the gallows"
I think that in many cases there would be volunteers from family & friends of the victims.


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Its not OUR law that hes been convicted under and found guity.So he is subject to the Laws of Iraq,and as such he is to be hanged.If you cant do the time dont do the crime!You cant let people like saddam live and get away with Life imprisonment.As long as he is alive he is a focus for revolt and dischord.It may serve as a warning to other would be Dictators.


Always_a_Civvy said:
Let he who is without wrongdoing operate the gallows.... there would be no one to operate them!

I'd be more than happy to operate the gallows , would'nt say I was perfect but I have never been in a courtroom for any thing other than my divorce ,
My God! has divorce come down to a hanging offence? Must nip and make my dear wife a cuupa.......................


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Shame Mr Albert Pierrepoint isnt available.

He once said:
“I don’t take sides. I just go and do the job that I’ve been allotted to do.

“As long as I can give in the last moments of these people, whoever they are, whatever they’ve done, if I can give them the respect and dignity at the last moment. That’s my job and I come away satisfied.â€

What a Professional!!!!


Still remains the fact that SadMan is a powder keg alive or dead.
Alive = Focus for Revolution
Dead = Martyr and becomes Focus for Revolution.

Welcome to the UK's Vietnam. A war we can not and will not win


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With big race fever in Oz, Melbourne Cup day, it had to happen with the "funny tips" for the winner.

Saddam Hussein on Exit Strategy tipped to win by a long neck

Some sick bastards on this planet Eh!


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andym said:
I think there is still one available in one of the Prisons in London.
I thought that there was one at wandsworth, up until 5 mins ago that is!
On Googling though, I found that it was dismantled in 1994 and removed to the Prison Service Museum in Rugby.


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Only two types of people don't believe in Hanging.
1. Cowards.
2. People like me who think that, in certain cases, e.g. child-molestors, Hanging is far to quick and pain-free.


While "we" may think Soddem doesn't merit a firing squad, do we really believe he deserves to be hung Iraqi/Muslim fashion? I believe that they don't use a long drop - just a prolonged dangle - pretty savage. Do "we" condone or endorse that?
I don''t think I do. Let the bastard die - let him see it coming - but prolong the event - not me, mate!


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OK! so SH is a menace to the community and has committed some dreadful crimes, however, execution is a balance between justice, retribution and a humane solution to a problem,

1 A bullet through the heart is quick and effective without the stage props of hanging
2 Even the lowest of the low does not deserve to be humiliated IMHO otherwise those imposing justice become as barbaric as the offender
3 Life imprisonment is a fate worse than death so that too is a form of cruelty. ( I would opt for the bullet rather than life)

Get it over with FFS and cut out all the drama although the three toads, B,B and H, will cash in on this to cover their own bloodshed and destruction. All for political gain to save their miserable butts.Sometimes wonder who is the most insane,SH or GB. Aaaaaaagh . WGAF anyway


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I heard on the news this morning that the Kurds now want him to be tried for the crimes he committed against them. Which would probably prolong his life by another year, and then what.................guilty! Waste of time. Do we really think that there will be any other outcome?
Hang the cnut now and lets move on FFS.
Not wishing to spoil you party by playing the "Devils Advocate" but do you really think any jury in the year 2006 or onwards would ever convict in a case where they knew the accused would be hanged.

Pigs would fly and New Scotland Yard would become London's fourth airport before that would happen. Any of you who have recently sat on a jury know how difficult it was get get any jury to convict for any offence no matter how strong the evidence was.



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I think that you'll find that the main trouble is that they man these Juries with people that can't get into the Police, for various reasons. They all know they can do the Coppers job better and so out of spite give a not guilty :cry: :wink: