Hanging of political effigies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by buggerit84, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that in the US at the moment, it's perfectly fine for people to hang effigies of McCain and Palin by the necks in the name of halloween decorations, but anyone who does the same with a likeness of Obama is promtply arrested and the effigy removed as it is deemed racist? I know politics is always full of double standards, but isn't that just a little buit obvious?!
  2. There have been a lot more incidents of Obama being hung in effigy than either McLame or McMoose. The 'Noose Threat' is a lot more personal to African Americans because up until relatively recently lynching was a definite possibility for them in the Redneck south. That being said not only the police but the US Secret Service get involved whenever any US Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate is threatened.

  3. Burning cross pissed on enough buggerboy?
  4. Ok fair enough, thanks NZ! Hadn't heard that bit, just heard about the ones of McCain and Palin being allowed to stay and people being arrested for doing the same thing with Obama.

    I can understand the it might be more personal to African-Americans, but surely if they want equality, they should get it and either everyone that hangs such an effigy should be arrested and told to take them down, or none. Otherwise it's just positive discrimination.
  5. Anyone else really bored senseless with American Politics right now?

    Bring back bloody Crossroads FFS!


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