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Hanging medals correctly


Lantern Swinger
I notice most army service personnel and army veterans hang their medals in the court mounted fashion today. During my time in the RN 1950/60's all service personnel wore their medals swing mounted. If I remember correctly being informed by a Chief GI that only Guards Regiments were permitted to wear their medals as court mounted being on duty at Royal Family palaces.

Do RN personnel still serving wear medals swing mounted like I do myself on remembrance day?


War Hero
Yes, the general trend is for court mounted now across the three services. Generally swing looks good for one, possibly 2 gongs, but gets very noisy after this. Court mounted is more practical once you've got a couple of medals.


War Hero
I'm quite partial to a bit of percussion when I drag mine out of hiding - only once a year nowadays. The rest of the time I have them in a mini display box next to my dad's (also mounted swing style)


I thought there was something in the BR about it. Can only court mount if >3 or something like that. Can someone with better DII access than I comment?

By the way, I'm a swinger.


Ah - that must be what I was loosely remembering. Must study BRs better!
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