Handy Xmas Gadgets


Lantern Swinger
Heard on the radio last year that the most useful thing to have at this time of year, (apart from money), is a Sellotape dispenser. Not the wee plastic ones, but the ones they use in offices.

Just got one, and no more sellotape tales hanging off the table while wrapping presents, and no more split lips either!!

geoff :wink:


Lantern Swinger
You can get 'tearable' sellotape now, and it even tears in the right direction!

Besides, tape dispensers are nowhere near silly enough. Handy Christmas gadgets always have to be silly like everything in those catalogues that appear around now. They also have to be things that until you saw them you didn't realise how much you needed them...

I never knew I needed a waterproof magazine rack with built-in back massager and digital alram clock. :)


War Hero
Door Bell Wired Up To The Mains Conversion Kit. Ideal for carol singers. The perfect Christmas gift from Ronco.....
Shakey said:
Door Bell Wired Up To The Mains Conversion Kit. Ideal for carol singers. The perfect Christmas gift from Ronco.....
You are showing your age 8O Ronco in deed :twisted:
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