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Handy stuff to know


Lantern Swinger
Dont know which way to look at this.
A lot of people out there are losing their homes due to the the recesion, 3 years ago this could well have been me if it were not for a bit financial astuteness on my part.
OTOH I think the Scally is labouring his point a bit. Found a technicality and played on it- good for him but I suspect the It was only the battle that was won. The war will be lost.
As a footnote the the baliff has a face you could never tire of kicking

Gone to Defence Stations...


Lantern Swinger
As with most videos your only seeing it from one side, we don't really know the in's and out's what's gone before, but to point out there is a technicality to be used to try to prevent Bailiff's access is a good thing. Bailiffs on the whole are thugs (experience of this) who think they are something special and above the law. I can tell you that knowing bailiffs could turn up on your doorstep at any time is not a nice feeling, and getting into that situation is not always a fault of your own, The banks need to take more responsibility for their actions after all they are the catalyst for this current cock up, so anything to highlight problems such as this is good.


War Hero
Top tip from insider information.
If you incur costs with a bank on an account and there are any grey areas at all always invoke the "I'm taking it to the Ombudsman line"
Banks have to pay a fee of £400 every time the services of the financial services are use so will invariably settle you to your favour. This is straight from a manager at RSB and governs all banks in the UK. Any error on their behalf if it goes to the Ombudsman carry a £200 per cock up penalty payable to the customer.
This is not urban legend or hearsay but fact.
My oppo is actually involved in the team that corresponds with the F.O. and the customer. Even the letters they send you have to be word perfect and any infringment is punishable.
More Power to the People.


War Hero
And not just banks, any organization governed by the financial services act come under the control of the ombudsman. Mrs L used to work in the financial services domain when we lived in England.


Lantern Swinger
Be interested to know if anyone has taken on an airline company and won, they are as far as I can see a law unto themselves. Been battling against a certain Virgin and getting nowhere fast they do not appear to have an ombudsman or any other party whom you can voice issue with, head, wall situation.


War Hero
And not just banks, any organization governed by the financial services act come under the control of the ombudsman. Mrs L used to work in the financial services domain when we lived in England.

Actually nowadays a lot don't as they fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. Bizarre or what?


War Hero
As this is a serious forum; crayoning removed. If an off topic remark is not deleted it is probably because it's funny, brief and non invasive. Its inclusion should never be seen by the not so funny as an invite to deploy crayons, be unfunny and derail threads.

Save the crayons for Lil's and the gash barge, or better still, chat.

Back on topic.......


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Book Reviewer
Hmm, some useful info coming out here. In my experience, albeit limited to a complaint against a mobile phone network and another against Plymouth City Council, most of them do eventually cough up IF you hang on after they have employed every conceivable delaying measure, presumably in the hope that the complainant loses interest. If your complaint is honest and well founded, perseverance is the key IMO.
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