Handy advice for anyone due a PULHHEEMS medical

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by beer_bosun, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. For those that don't know what the process is for booking a PULHHEEMS when due (as I didn't know), I thought I'd pass it on for your own information.

    Your unit should be able to get the details of your local AFCO / Regional Medical Co-ordinator for you.
  2. Only works if they can actually find your medical docs to start with..

    And we've been told that it will be arranged through the Unit, so anything that President have told you; please be aware that this may be different from Unit to Unit
  3. At PRESIDENT you ring the AFCO and make the appointment to fit in with your diary, tell the unit and they will get the paperwork sent to the AFCO.

    The AFCO will send you a voucher and tell you to get an eye test at D&A.

    By the time you have had an eye test (and travelled to D&A), and then taken time off for the medical, you might want to put an RNR16 in for your time and expenses!

    It is time consuming, but does work.
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Stupid question, but when do we take PULHEEMS? Also, as someone who is very short sighted (near borderline at time of entry), what happens if our eyesight deteriorates - is the standard reflected for a deterioration over time?
  5. Entry, Entry +10 if not due one anyway, 30 & every 5 years thereafter up to 50.

    There will be a minimum standard for branch; if you fall below this, I'd hazard a guess a trip to a service Ophthalmologist would be in order, followed by RNSMBOS.

    Incidentally, procedure does indeed vary from unit to unit.

  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Cheers APN - I know it sounds silly, but as I'm pretty blind minus glasses, and am due first PULHEEMs shortly, it's useful to know where I stand. As a desk wallah with no chance of pointy end stuff, I'm not too worried, but having invested over a decade in the RNR, I'd be very hacked off if it had to end this way!

    One Q - RNSMBOS?
  7. Sorry - Royal Naval Service (as it also covers the RM) Medical Board of Survey, held at the Institute of Naval Medicine, Alverstoke. This sets permanent medical categories for those who have illness etc. that may impinge on their ability to serve.

  8. You are only MBOS'd if you need a permanently reduced medical category - not if you need glasses!
  9. With respect, that's not what I was suggesting.

    As you will be aware there are minimum standards for uncorrected vision - these vary from branch to branch. I would imagine that, if one's eyesight fell below these standards, even if correctable to 6/5 bilaterally, a revision of one's medical category might be in order. However, (as you will be able to guess from my profile pic), I am not an ophthalmologist and there is therefore a degree of supposition involved here.

    Am I wildly incorrect?

  10. Purely anecdotal, but i am now six weeks shy of my PULHEEMS date and have not received the promised paperwork. Oh well.

    Guess it's the usual RNR deal of "sort your self out, or else...."

    If only there was a database that could manage all of this "qualifying/competency" sort of data....
  11. There is. It's c**p, but it is there.
    The regional medic should have alerted your unit about forthcoming PULHEEMs. Check with the unit.
  12. AFAIK the RNR database doesn't hold PULHHEEMS information; I think it has to be held separately for confidentiality reasons.

    Has anyone got a reference for beer_bosun's quote? It's a new one on me; both units I've been involved in have held that it's the individual's own responsibility to stay in date (albeit with reminders where necessary); we used to have 16's that required a medical cert for in date & P2 before people could go on ORT as well.


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