Hands up those who are proud to be British

Sorry I'm English but after an afternoon watching my mates marching around London displaying pride, esprite de corps, camaraderie etc celebrating a Falklands victory 25 years on and commemorating those that fell. I'm proud to be British.
Its just a shame the country is being overun by idiots and run by muppets!
Poor old Maggie 'T' looks more like a Spitting Image puppet every time I see her. I felt a pang of sorry whilst she was stood outside Buck house in a little group of just her. Chas & Cammy doing their patriotic bit as well The Prince of York marching like all good matlots were taught to march, badly and out of step, oh bless!
Pride knows no bounds!
Polycell, spot on post mate. Andy couldnt keep instep with himself nevermind the rest of the RN. Proud to be British of course. Shame there were no Sea Harriers in the fly past. Good on you all the lads at the parade.Hope you all get smashed tonight in London,have a great time.
You deserve it!
I'm VERY proud of them, i'm proud of what I do, but i'm no longer proud of my country. Sorry but I just can't be proud of this heap any more.
Just want to say "BZ" to all those who took part this afternoon. Although I left the RN in '81, I'm sure that there were people I knew taking part, especially from the Coventry. Well done to Andy for marching with the lads, but airy fairies still can't march. I think I will now apply for my "Veterans" badge.

Enjoy the piss ups tonight everyone.

Semper Strenuissima.
Im like you Irish with a F**King great Lump in my throat and my missus calling me a soppy old bastard!!

Once Navy Always Navy Im afraid !!
Although I joined just after the Falklands, I served on and with men from ships that had been down there. Watching it on TV also made me "sniff" somewhat. I had to retreat and carry on painting to save my grace. Don't think wifey noticed ...
Great thread.

I am proud to be British despite a number of my English mates telling me they are no longer British as the Scottish have their own Parliament. I was born in Guernsey and so we say We are "Norman but not French, British but not English", if we see the end of Britishness there will be a number of small communities that are proud of our shared past that will understandably feel left behind.


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I left the mob in '82 and though in Hong Kong I didn't get to see the whole parade, I caught snippets as and when I could. I know some of my old muckers would have been there today.

I'm proud to be a Yorkshireman first, British second.

But, I could never live in the UK again.
Lamri said:
carlm said:
Lamri if the girl in your avatar is British well am proud to be British :salut:
She's Maori :)

You calling me a liar :threaten:
SSSSHHHhh I told the missus I was just sharing them with you Lamri.
I'm so proud to be British I moved to NZ to civilize the locals :afro: .
Seriously though, I am proud of what our country has achieved in the past (Sorry about Slavery, Colonialism, Imperialism etc :frustrated: ),
But I think that vested interests on both sides of the political fence have helped to change Britain into something that I don't recognise as 'Home'.
I was last in the UK 7 years ago and I knew then I'd never be able to live there again. Its nothing really tangible, just that attitudes and expectations have changed and it felt so strange, culture shock I suppose
NZ may be parochial, provincial, slow( Well at least in Dunners) and not to every migrants liking (It was revealed last week that 1 in 5 UK Police Officers transferring to NZ Police return to UK after 1 year) but it is where I want to live and the country of which I am truly proud.
I love my country but I try not to be proud of it. I can get quite a sense of nostalgia about the part of the country I come from, because of growing up there and its familiarity as part of my identity I suppose. Not being religious I don't believe it actually matters twopence where in the world one is born. Those of a Godly persuasion perhaps believe that they were put in the best place on earth for a reason but since people the world over feel the same I've never quite been able to work out the 'best' hierarchy in the international system of states ... since I also feel these emotions make us more vulnerable to manipulation by governments I conciously try to step back a bit.


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I'm proud to be English first and British second. I honestly believe that no other Countries Forces could have re taken the Falklands with such a relatively low rate of casualties on both sides.

I think that its important to have pride in your roots, its what influences you throughout your life.
:toilet: I only caught a bit of the celebrations yesterday but what did it for me was seeing Maggie surrounded by some rather larger than life Para's, mobbing and cheering her like an old friend. She was, as they said, 'with her boys', for me, the only great leader we've had since Churchill, the Country is a much worse place to be since she had to go. Politics apart, it was great seeing all those vets' smartly dressed and obviously really proud to be there, not often you see Para's & bootnecks on the brink of shedding a tear is it ? :tp:
I was pleased to see Prince Andy like most mate-a- lots cannot march in step :tp: Good for him joining in the march :thanks: Maggie T. at least has respect for the monarchy not like the Bliars :tongue3:
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