Handling a Los Angeles class submarine

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. The Summer 2007 edition of Undersea Warfare has an article on handling a Los Angeles class submarine:
    Handling the Los Angeles class

    Would anybody like to comment on how ours compares?
  2. There's no real detail, I found the article a bit superficial, but that's hardly surprising.
  3. Just watch The Hunt For Red October a few times and you'll soon have it off to a tee
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  4. I crashed a Los Angeles simulator once.
  5. In a moment of madness I had a Sub in Los Angeles; spending half the next day welded to the loo was another matter.
    This is a thread about fast food chains isn't it?
  6. I don't do subs, but I can do a ...............
  7. Ship Control - Bridge...Train the egg beater green 35...run the egg beater.
    Green 35 run the egg beater roger.
    Bridge - Ship Control...egg beater running..........
    (Oh good...the Yardies really did tighten up those retaining bolts and it's not gone whizzing orf into the murky depths of nine wharf south)!
    The Jimmy always wanted the first heaving line across from about forty metres off the jetty. 'If I could throw that far sir I'd be in the olympic line throwing team'.....'Just throw it leader...they've got grapples'. They did have grapples but Jan Dockies being Jan Dockies they missed by miles as well!
    Up steps the next thrower...and the line ends up along the water line going aft...next thrower and it's big snotty heap directly onto the cat...
    The Jimmy again 'Leader, dog watch heaving line throwing after secure' 'roger sir'.......'Smudge your turn'....HURL.....and the monkeys fist nearly decapitates Captain SM2. 'Casing officer to the bottom of the fin....casing officer tell AB Smith that I saw him trying to kill the Captain SM and that he's not got away with it. Casing officer to Smudge.....'effing good shot Smudge the Jimmy owes you one'.

    When coming alongside in the UK or most other places we used to have more tugs than you could shake a hairy stick at. We spent a lot of time cursing them for carving chunks out of our tile fit and franticaly pointing out the places where there were sensors below the water line that other boats didn't have.

    The tug boat captains used to love going astern to take weigh off and watch us twitch when the wires went taut....there really was nowhere to hide!
  8. Sonny Lister managed it with two lines tied together (Wing Nut not Half Wing Nut) :dwarf: Longest throw I`ve ever seen.
  9. LA class were over rated....we exercised (HMCS/M Onondaga) off of Norfolk in 1979, we played Ivan (Foxtrot) and they had 2 of their boats out trying to find us.

    We carried an American LT as a referee, after 10 encounters it was Onondaga (Foxtrot) 10 LA Class 1 and the only reason they even got 1 was we had been picked up on SOSUS while snorting, we drifted over the line, and Norfolk sent them the coordinates.

    After each time we would intercept their boats and fire off a couple the skipper would get on the UWT and announce that they had just been killed, well after the 4th time of being told you had been wasted the Yanks refused to acknowledge, so the skipper decided to use one of those little laugh boxes each time after that, so the Yanks would get the sound of laughing....the expression on the American referee was priceless...and Norfolk was embarrassed...but we had a good run ashore as Ruskies... :thumright:

    Those boats sounded like locomotives under water when traveling at great speeds, so fire (swim out) the fish and sit and wait....... :dwarf:
  10. Sonny (the bigger of the pair) used to throw the hammer for the Navy and bend torpedo loading rails to get them to fit. Thank god he was a meek and mild character.
    He also chopped through a Kevlar TA stub cable...but he might not like people knowing that! :threaten:
  11. The Septics never ever trusted their navigation fixes...whenever we interacted with them for a bit of underwater dog fighting they always used our plot lock as the reference point for the 'no go overlineee'.

    The 688's were deathly quiet at patrol speeds though...all we ever got was fleeting tonals moving aft or fwd through the beams and that at very very close range. Then again we were very very quiet to...and more often than not had a better TA and tactics.

    Two point ranging, they loved it - we didn't. Damn target just won't play the white man and stay on course during each leg. Spiral in tactic was a bit too steely eyed though...get that wrong and clang...well you'd definitely worked out his range...in the end!

    Great fun was had by all and thank god they were on our side...the runs ashore in Elmer land were always fantastic, the Yanks bless 'em were generous to a fault. Something like this country used to be before we got all twisted and bitter! :rambo:

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