Handler/acmn to eventual UY


Hello folks,

I'm a graduate and an ex-URNU student (come on let's hear ya), but currently a training officer within the URNU organisation, teaching navigation to the kids.

I tried to join straight from uni but as many do, didn't score high enough for officer selection. Truth be told it isn't the end of the world for me. I know that at some point in my career I want to be a commissioned officer, but having spent a number of years living and working alongside junior rates on a number of ships, I've always said I'll join up regardless.

Just wondering about how often in the fleet you see handlers/acmn taking up/being offered commission, and where typically do they end up? Like I say, I'm joining up regardless, but its a goal of mine to finish my career as an officer,

Not an accurate answer but, on your way up the greasy pole, the rates/ranks of Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer and Warrant Officer are quite respectable prospects for every keen young thruster.