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Discussion in 'UPO' started by e447950, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. 1)I have currently served 3 years and 9 months in the RN and want to hand in my notice, is there any benefit to waiting 3 months until my 4 years are up or if I hand it in now for resettlement finance etc.

    2)I am currently attached to an Army unit and there is not a single Navy person where I am, under these circumstances how do I hand in my notice? I've already spoken to my command chain and they have no idea except giving me a number that nobody ever answers.

  2. Go on JPA and click the Terminate service button. I can't see the extra 3 months being worth waiting for.
    You must have some admin chain at your unit as we are all on JPA and follow the JSP these days. One of the AGC writers will be able to help.

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  3. From having two in my department do it,

    Go through JPA process (7 clicks apparently) and also the requestmen process of CO's request form. If your line manager can't help give a UPO a call.
  4. Fk me. If I was attached to an Army unit I would have jacked my hand in pdq. Didn't join the mob to spend my days hanging around with pongos.
    I feel for you. Must be a crap job nowadays.
  5. For the sake of 3 months, hang on in there. You will get a better resettlement package if you do. What army unit are you with?
  6. The resettlement package at 4 years is a tiny bit more support, it depends if you have got a job in mind. Pussers resettlement doesn't start getting worthwhile until the 6 year point.

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  7. To add to this you would be eligible for the employment support program anyway as you will serve your next 3 months at least as a notice period.

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  8. Since I'm the only Matelot here I really don't want to reveal the the Unit.

    Cheer for the advice I follow the JPA route when I'm back at work next week.
  9. You're not a MW rating by any chance are you?
  10. Doesn't sound thick. So doubt it!
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  11. Oi bubble head! Haven't you got a mirror to do SOC's on!
  12. Matelot attached to an Army unit. Either comms or a medic. Not much call for stokers thank god.
  13. SOCS complete. Still mega ******* divs.
  14. Wish I was with the pongos instead I'm stuck with a load of crabs plus the jumped up rock apes. Get me back to the bootnecks!

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  15. Tell that to the ETs both ME and WE who went off and trained as VMs. OK it was to serve with the Bootnecks but same shit different cap badge!
  16. We did have/still have a VM ET on these boards....and a pic of him spannering a Landy Defender.
  17. :thanks: ...........................
  18. Or writers...
  19. To put the serious hat on...

    This actually highlights that when it comes to tri-service, the army rules are to be followed and if there are any of the other two services then their own regulations be damned.
    With a sole matelot under Army care, there is very unlikely to be a requestmen routine. If the OP hasn't already done so, he should see the RCMO of that particular unit (Regimental Career Manager Officer, or something) who should be able to explain what the process is from their point of view. As far as I can make out, the RCMO is the first step in their very long chain of getting released from service.

    To help point them in the right direction, the RCMO needs to be pointed in the direction of the BRd 0003 and look under Career Structure/Life Management (I can't remember exactly which when loafing around at home. Also, that title makes it easier to search on the horrorbag that is the Defence Intranet). This contains all the information they need to be able to process your application to leave.

    I think what has been partially confusing the unit is that there is usually some kind of need to send a signal. However, given your branch, it might be worth the RCMO liaising directly with the branch manager and getting some advice directly from them. Some career managers are happy to just receive an email, other aren't. If you fall under the Portsmouth remit, I know the man your RCMO needs to speak to.
  20. Fcuk, double posting and that...

    You need to get the clerks to sit down and work out your earliest exit date as well, which differs from branch to branch. It's usually 2 1/2 years, plus the SITP. This is referred to in the BRd 0003, so get the buggers actually doing something outside of their world for a change.

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