Hand yer gizzts in... win a toaster!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by sweeney, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Howdy partners! :)

    Just had this from my mate! Of course if you want to enter you would all have to give yer bits and bobs to me unless you were also daft enough to join the Bosnian Army! :lol:

    A new month-long initiative to encourage Bosnians to hand in illegal weapons comes in to force on Sunday. Those handing over their small arms will be entered into a lottery, with prizes including motor scooters and kitchen appliances.

    Get in there! Lets have some of that! :D

    Bosnia-Hercegovina is still awash with weapons left over from the Bosnian War of the early 1990s. Crime and gangland violence is often fuelled by shootings or hand-grenade attacks.

    The UN Development Programme says hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons are still in the country. Despite this illegality, it is still possible to find machine guns such as AK47s openly advertised for sale in newspapers. News bulletins also throw up more unusual uses for arsenals left over from wartime. In October, a mosque near the city of Mostar was attacked by a man using an old rocket-propelled-grenade launcher.

    And there was also a recent story involving a teenager who threatened her father with a hand grenade in an argument over paying for a mobile phone bill. The father expressed surprise that his daughter had managed to get hold of a grenade from her friends, rather than simply use one of his own collection. 8O :)

    Wifey wants a new toaster or a juicer. And maybe one of them steamers (not bats). So if anybody has got anything they don't want (no african masks or voodoo dolls...in the bosnian army we didn't use voodoo), give me a shout and lets see what we can win!
  2. Sweeny is this a new alternative to eBay
    like we all have stuff and we give it to you free gratis ?
    What and we even pay for the delivery
    Your having a Giraffe
  3. ahhh I think its weapons based stuff, rather than any old junk you don't want. And you saw thru it anyway. :wink: You give your stuff to me, I hand it in, my number comes up I win a toaster. hhhmmmmm, I can see where you might think its a sh1t plan! :D

    Mind you I still haven't even been paid by the Bosnian govt yet, and I always vote for them in Eurovision as well. And they were sh1t this year. i should have voted for the Macedonian bird. Huuuuuuuuge baps! :wink:
  4. Does that mean there isnt a market for the 5 foot Coca Cola bottle light, Punch and Judy booth or 6 foot oar that my mess accumalated on a recent run ashore in the med? :?
  5. Whats the 6 foot oar like, does she charge much, and Punch and Judy Booth are they a couple or brother and sister, I used to know a fleet chief cook once called Billy Booth,
  6. So what do i get for handing in my Gaz Truck then?I want more than a bloody toaster! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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