Hand-to-hand/CQC training in the Corps

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Guyver, May 19, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me about it ? What standards is it up to and what does it consist of ?
  2. Helloo there Guyver. Current RM unarmed combat training is classified as TOP SECRET, but after completing your RM training you will be the most nails press spokesperson (As your Meeja degree has equipped you for this role).
    However as you're so keen, once fully trained you will be able to carry out the following.
    Ten pints of your favourite tipple, then roll mats taped to each arm then swing like Billy-O. Extra points are scored if you hit anything before you fall over in a puking mewling heap.
    I'll leave it to Blobs to describe the Underwater Knife Fighting Course, as he told me he was the Corps best UKF Instructor :lol: .
  3. Rollmats ... Oh, that video. And that poor bastard who got kicked in the face for refusing to fight ...
  4. CQC is about jumping about and having fun. Royal does not take it all that seriously. Anyway, if some ****** is trying to strangle you and you gouge his eyes out with a biro or hit him in the throat and crush his windpipe you are in deep shit.

    On one of my courses we had a Warminster pongo try to teach us bayonet practice. He used to get really hacked off with us for taking the piss and acting camp as we charged the dummies. He on the other hand would scream and yell and go at them as thouigh he were in one of those old WWII training films; we just fell about laughing. I told him that during night attacks (Tp, Coy or Cdo level) marines preferred to close with and kill the enemy without shouting 'Charge!' or 'Aaaaargh', on the grounds that the enemy, not hearing you just before you shot or bayoneted them, would be much more psychologically debilitated than if you had ran about yelling and screaming at them before hand (It would kind of give the game away too). He threatened to charge me for insubordination but the RM training team just told me to stop winding him up. Twat.

    On a more serious note, CQC, like CQB, is just part of the fun of training. However, the latter is more likely to save your life than the former.

    You may now cease puching the bowl of sand or jabbing at it with straight fingers :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. So, it's all bayonet-practice ?

    Shouldn't a Commando,by definition,be well-versed in fighting with his bare hands ? Roll-mats notwithstanding :)
  6. You will do unarmed combat training during training at CTC. You may even do some in your unit prior to deployment on active service but it is not something which is drilled into you day after day. Hope that hasn't dissapointed you too much 8O If it has here is us, 7 Tp C Coy 40 Cdo at Butlins circa 79/80.
  7. Awesome.
  8. RM Poole, circa 1973/4: spectacular demo redolent of the then popular "Kung Fu" TV programme ("Grasshopper" etc). Adolescent self suitably awestruck/ impressed.

    Was then told they'd demonstrate how "one undersized but highly trained Marine" would deal with simultaneous attack by four much larger men: cue appearance of said small Marine dressed in baggy smock. Suddenly, from each corner of the gym, 4 HUGE fellows charged, screaming blue murder, waving machetes, clubs etc.! Small Marine drew an Ingram from under smock and gave them a blast; followed by a few "finishing shots" from a sawn-off he also produced from somewhere on his person. Nothing more needed to be said!

    The SC1 who was looking after me made a few observations, mainly along the following lines: there's no such thing as a fair fight; he who hits first ( preferably from behind ) wins; and, above all, remember "There's no such thing as the glorious dead." In his opinion, the most effective "martial art" was the ancient Lancastrian fighting system "Ecky Thump" ( at the time popularised by "The Goodies" ) - the only "system" to integrate aforementioned precepts into a coherent package that can be taught to anyone in less than an hour. Nothing I've seen or experienced since has suggested to me that he was anything other than absolutely right.

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