Discussion in 'History' started by xnader, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Having just come back from a voyage on a ship where I slept in a hammock and found it infinately more comfortable than a bunk in a heavy sea, I remember my Great-Uncle (RN 1930s-1960ish) talking once or twice about sleeping in hammocks when he was serving.

    Does anyone know when and why hammocks were phased out?
  2. I was on the torquay in 67 68 we had hammocks until we did a refit in68 just before i left in 68 .I would put the demise of hammocks down to modernisation
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'd guess they were mainly gone by the mid 1960's. I slept in them on my first two drafts Brocklesby and Ulster, nothing wrong with a hammock, apart from trying to get in them pissed if you knocked the stretcher out.

    They probably went out as living conditions in Civvy Street rose, Pusser had to follow.
  4. When was you in the Ulster Jan?
  5. The Cadets' mess (3P) in HMS Scarborough was half hammocks and half bunks during the Med cruise of the Dartmouth Training Squadron with Eastbourne and Tenby (Whitby was in refit) in 1971. I had a hammock and when we were given the opportunity to swap berths midway through the deployment, no one wanted to change.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Twas the commision after Mango. 61/63
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    When the rolling has tipped you out of your bunk, you'll wish you had your hammock back.

    The odd thing is that stretchers were never issue, they had to be rabitted. Initiative test I suppose.

    Ultimately, make sure you put the last stitch through the nose.
  8. Gotcha, it's just that I spent a wee while in her myself in 1966, I did my sea training in her then was drafted to her for (I think) it was 4 months or there abouts.
  9. Loved them, still got one for the back garden in summer,more comfortable than loungers.
    Someone's sweaty feet jumping out on the table whilst you were eating[middle watchers!] if some one decided to thrap the whole bar vibrated unless you could work in unison!.
    Went on the Vic with Bunks and I hated it,for roughers hammock was the business all the way.
  10. Hammocks.!!...you wer lucky..

    on the Carron I had to sleep on a campbed on the mess table...
  11. Fuckin luxury, in the Ulster we didn't have a mess table, you spoilt bugger.:laughing2:
  12. Did sea training on the Ulster in 68, in a mess with ships company who all had bunks with us young oiks in miks.
  13. 68? Fuckin OD
  14. :thefinger:...........
  15. It got better (?) over the years. I had a seat lockers billet on the Paladin, hammock on the Girdle Ness and bunk on the Tartar. There were times when I had a camp bed in the ship's office.
  16. I see you knew someone at CND by the look of the way you pulled all those cushy billets:laughing2:
  17. Afraid not RR but I still managed a draft to SHAPE which was a cushy billet.
  18. I reckon some bastard at CND had it in for me, every time me steaming bats got dried out they sent me back to sea. I had more sea time than a three badge porpoise. I did manage a year up the island and after the trouble I got into up there plus the unhappy memories, tot stopped, got married, had a cyst on my starboard bollock, I was glad to ship out.
    Never did crack the three years along side in Honky Fid Monty keeps on about. The only time I got in Tamar was when the patrol dragged me in to cut my friggin hair. Well and slops. Talking of which did anyone but me ever catch on to the fact that the cash clothing store in Tamar was always cheaper than most during the same time period.
  19. Tried to sling one during Sea training (HMS Scott) from the G Spot in '62 - failed miserably ..... :( .... ended up putting up a campbed (for a 15yo that was f***** difficult as well !! ).

    Drafted to Albion in '64 .... sheer bliss - only bunks, but then they had to be sealed up and taken down and hung during work hours - but they were bloody heavy especially if you were a 5 stone baby sailor with shoulder blades like wings !! .

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