Hammocks in Boats

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by G_Rivet, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. I served in two Boats where hammocks were slung. Any ideas when their demise finally came?
  2. When Nelson got Drafted to shore base.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Trouble with those wooden Boats is that the caulking came away very early on in the deep dive
  4. And they creaked a lot too.
  5. Mine doesn't.....
  6. but the canals are not deep enough for it to submerge are they.
  7. I'm moored in 9ft of water... on a lake.
  8. And you did your last dive.......?

    Mind you the last proper wooden ship I sailed in, a 3 mast topsail schooner did creak quite a bit when the breeze came on.
  9. Yeah. And I came out of the 60' lock with a bucket over me swede!
  10. You mean when did I last fall in??
  11. You didn't pose the question to me, but thought it rude not to answer you,

    October 1973 Grampus SM1,
  12. Ah Sunshine Squadron

    February 74 Olympus SM3
  13. RA at Dolphin loved it

    I hated it at Faslane/Neptune,

    typical military mentality,if you live in the south they draft you to Scotland,if you live in Scotland they draft you to Dolphin!

    could never understand why!
  14. [quote="electric_chef] I hated it at Faslane/Neptune,[/quote]

    You wouldn`t have said that if they still had the westclocks factory at Helensborough.
    They used to employ hundreds of young girls…… all gaggin for it.

  15. And there were the Dumbarton Debs at the wwhisky bottleing plant.
  16. And the young childrens carers at the Blairvaddach Childrens Home in Shandon.

    Lovely girls

  17. Well back to the question....I remember the part 3s had hammocks in the For ends and MC upper level port side in Revenge . That was in 83.
  18. We carried 24 extra in the forends on Warspite late 60s early 70s but that was on bunks bolted to the torpedo racks. Also operated a no hot bunking for permanent crew policy, only riders and trainees hot bunked. I think the only exception for a 'trainee' was when Sam Fry joined us for 2 months to do an SSN part 3 before taking his own boat to sea.
  19. ...A variation: On our long patrols in the Far East, Mid 60's, in an O Boat we carried Elson chemical toilets in the fore/afterends (to stop the long trudge amidships to use traps 1,2 or 3) Did you Bomber Queen's or Nuclear Mushroom Men also carry/use these quaint little crappers?
  20. When I joined in 1956 everybody was issued with a hammock. I have to admit that when they were slung right they were really comfortable. Though they were still used in some boats I never used mine in a boat. The only boat I was on that used them in the fore and afterends was the Sea Scout.

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