Hammock and Vegetables

I was doing my scran shopping in M&S yesterday when I thought I read a ready-made meal being offered: Hammock and Vegetables... Eh?..... I stopped. Perhaps this was M&S's new Matelot range of nutritionally balanced scran in support of the RN? Er, no. I had misread it. Hammock turned out to be ham hock!

I was wondering if any other Rum Rationers have had any other similar experiences they would like to share with their cybermessmates?


Lantern Swinger
was doing the shopping with wifeybitch when she gasped, "they got bread named after you " ..."no" i replied "you daft bint it says thick cut "


War Hero
I've had similar experiences. Whenever I've gone for scran onboard I've often mistaken it for something that's nutritionally balanced. :???: