Hamas son get 11 years for heist.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. I actually feel for him, imagine the shame of being caught.
    In an ideal world he would have fleeced the rich capitalist bastards and done a runner to enjoy the fruit of his labour.
    Shame really.
  2. It's all our fault for jailing his old man.....we made him feel isolated, and 'not loved'....God I feel so guilty :laughing8:
  3. wal

    wal Badgeman

    ...........and so you should............

    I of course do not.
  4. How did he get the bees to stay in the chicken coop?
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  5. My dad used to fuck of for months on end when I was young.
    He had some feeble excuse about a war in Korea.
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  6. The hives were inside the chicken run!

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  7. Hmm, his father was an advocate of sharia law, whats the punishement for theft under sharia
  8. Well, on the one hand....
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  9. depends where you live, there are parts of the country where sharia courts are held, just not openly, but as to my original post, it was to some extent tongue in cheek, with a slight spin of irony, must have went over your head, which surprises me as wrecker got so it cannot have been that high
  10. That's a bit of an underhand comment Mikh.

  11. As above but Allah in my case, I'm a born again Muslim.
  12. Has his father drove him to do the crime, one can only hope he also told him how to do the time, or a clever way not to get deported with his old man?=-\\\\\\\\
  13. Noted!!!!.........................

  14. Thats not fair him saying your thick, thats my job.
  15. Go get him Rummers, damned young pretenders!!
  16. Cheers Wrecker, young, I like that
  17. Everyone's young to Rummers (standfast Granny).

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