Hallux Rigidus ???


does anyone know if hallux rigidus (big toe joint knackered) will precluded me from joining ?
I have gone through the ENG 1 medical certificate requirements etc but can't find any mention of it, best I can find is osteo arthritis and to be honest I can't workout if that's a show stopper or not, any info would be appreciated.


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Oh yeah on looking at your previous post about age limits, we've a 56 year old on our course with no prior full time military experience other than being a weekend warrior for a few years a while ago.
I failed the Royal Navy medical in 2015 because of this. I'm now joining the RFA, I have had my Eng 1 last month.. My feet did not even get looked at, your simply asked to walk and crouch down. I passed with no issues. Mine is still classed as Hallux Limitus though. If you still have concerns about this, give the RFA recruitment a call and they should pass you on to someone that will be able to answer your question.

Hope that helps!

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