Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Guzzler, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. I was under the impression that this irritating, money-spinning load of old gibberish should not be 'celebrated' if it fell on a Sunday, and Saturday should be the day for the legalised mugging. At least that what's I told the cheeky little shit that just knocked on my door, but have just googled and can't find anything to support my grumpy beliefs.

    Any ideas?
  2. Had our first little bastard knocking tonight!!

    Been here 7 years and nothing so never bothered getting anything in. Should have seen here face when all she got was an apple!!!

    Her chavvy "Vicky Pollard" mum was most upset!! Prob wanted a quid to buy some fags!!
  3. I'd love to have some knocking but I'm not in an area where it happens.

    I used to get in little bags of sweets, chocolate mice etc and have a bowl ready by the front door, just in case, but I realised after a while that I was spending November dipping into the bowl and saying "can't let them go to waste" ............ :D

    If I did live somewhere where there were kids coming round, I would love to do it big time. I would have hollowed out pumpkins with candles in them in the garden and spiders dangling from trees etc and I would get a truly excellent witch costume c/w stupendous pointed hat, apply witchy make-up and get ready to fling open the door with a blood-curdling cackle and make them jump (but then give out the sweeties, with a smile, of course ........).

    One thing which I've noticed becoming more common, to be honest, is adults telling me that they "don't agree" with Halloween, not because of the commercial side or some imagined danger to trick or treating kiddies but because of their perception that it conflicts with their faith. I'd honestly never heard anyone say anything like that until quite recently.
  4. I just opened the door in my dressing gown and gave them my special smile.

    Parasites didn't hang around.
  5. You're far to nice Sol.

    I just a pile of stuff by an upstairs window over looking the door to chuck at the little feckers :evil:
  6. :lol:

    Something tells me they won't be ringing your bell next year!
  7. :D

    I honestly did think that there was some Christian issue with it being done on a Sunday, but seems I'm wrong. Still don't like it though.

    Similarly when I get carol singers I ask them for which charity they are collecting (as we did - it wasn't for personal gain) and they look at me blankly. They also leave with nowt.

    I find it a tad odd that people who would not dream of chucking 50p into the hat of some busker, who may well be on the bones of his/her arse, giving a slightly iffy version of 'Streets of London', is willing to cough up for a bunch of middle class brats who mummy has sent to scrounge with (albeit fairly mild) menaces.
  8. Here's a tip......
    boil some brussels sprouts the day before hallowatists name...
    when they've cooled..... cover them with melted chocolate...
    when they've cooled..... keep them by the front door....
    when the little dears ring your bell.....hand a few over with a smile on your face.... trick or treat ? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. Guzzler

    Re your idea about Halloween not being permitted on Sundays, I'm sure I have heard that said before and if you google something like halloween+allowed+sundays, you do start to see people asking questions here and there about whether Halloween on a Sunday is problematic; it must have been something people said a few years ago.

    As I alluded to earlier, the Christian stance on Halloween now is not about Halloween on Sundays but more about the existence of Halloween on any day of the week.
  10. I have just been at my daughters and had a wonderful three hours or so eseeing the delight on little kiddies faces trick or treating as they got there few sweets all, of them down to the last one polite and all with there mums it was a real pleasure to see .there are no young kiddes around me anymore all grown up
  11. You've humbled me a little there les.

    I have no contact with kids 8O (seriously - divorced and 26 year old son miles away, any birds that get lucky are closer to grandmotherhood than motherhood).

    I'm sure it is delightful for you to see your grandchildren enjoy themselves, and nice to read about such things - I apologise if I have appeared to belittle that.

    It wasn't my experience this evening, I found the 'main' child annoying, but in all fairness (to him) I know little about children having spent little time around them during my life.

    No offence intended.

    Just a rant :twisted: :)
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No idea what you lot are talking about - I left my silver wellies on the doorstep, boarded up my windows and spray-painted "Paedo Scum" across my front door and didn't get any callers at all...

    :shock: :twisted:
  13. My Gary Glitter Fan Club posters seem to deter most (Ex)TorTers for some reason.
  14. Imported american crap! Most people who 'celebrate' it haven't got a clue what they are 'celebrating'.
    In Spain and in most other european countries All Souls day is a solemn occasion when people remember the dead.
    Halloween is like a Hallmark card shop fantasy and utter rubbish.
  15. There was an elderly bloke used to live down our street who
    answered the door every Halloween, stark bollock naked.
    He'd usually have lazy lob on and two big bags of Haribo
    Sweeties in his pudgy hands and he'd be yelling,

    "Dick or Sweet! Dick or Sweet!"

    And I thought the clergy had no sense of humour.

    * * * * * *
  16. Subtle :D
  17. I was going to do that last year but CinCNagHome wouldn't let me and this year I got no callers at all..bargain.
  18. As an addition perhaps a few baby chillies coated in chocalate as well :D
  19. Couldn't agree more.

    Hounded every year by kids who don't have a clue and see it as an excuse to scam people out of 'treats' and then come 5th Nov - NO 'penny for the guy,' nothing! Has the youth/parents of the brood being brought up forgot OUR customs and culture?

    Halloween has kicked the British 'Guy Fawkes' into the back row. This generation will sell our birthright proper in a few years I reckon, when we officially become a legalised US state.
  20. [​IMG]

    Guy Fawkes is still celebrated properly in some places; here in Sussex at Lewes it is still plain to see what it really means.
    A great night out and a lesson in the religious history of the country.
    Even that the U.S. constitution was pretty much composed in the town hasn't let them get their plastic hands on it.



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