Halloween Night

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Well it's that time of the year again when our homes will be invaded with the 'trick or treat' event. It appears this is an ancient custom fron the UK area and we cannot accuse out trans-Atlantic buddies for the pest . Belief in witches and wizards has been recently re-ignited and displayed with the Harry Potter epidemic that resulted in a serious overdose of cash for the author , magic . Good fun despite that and harmless providing the tricks don't get out of control . Gets a bit dangerous in the USA apparently but even the most harmless events can turn the wrong way so Happy Halloween witchever way you feel.

  2. Despite the frippery here in Europe it is quite a sombre time with people visiting the cemetery to see their dear departed.
    All the flower shops and roadside stalls are selling chrysanthemums, especially white ones, which are associated with death and funerals.
    Handy hint! Never use these flowers as a gift, it could be taken completely the wrong way.
    In fact it is so miserable that I'm off the the Uk and the Lewes Bonfire night. For anyone who hasn't been there it is about the sharpest lesson in the countries religious history you are likely to get.
    All the best.
  3. Whilst Hobbit is quite correct to suggest that the celebration of All Hallows Eve does come from the mother country the fashion for 'Trick ot Treat' and pumkin lanterns is wholly American and thus to be despised.

    As a youngster in Scotland Halloween was far more important that November the 5th which was seen as a very English thing. We would get ourselves dressed in some form of fancy dress and go out 'guising' where we would call on most of the houses around where you lived and you would be usually invited in and then do your party piece in front of the assembled family. If you came up to acceptable standards and only if, you were rewarded with a small amount of cash and a sweetie or some fruit.

    Of course this was before universal TV and our feeble attempts at some party piece were seen as low cost entertainment by many. There was certainly no 'trick' element and ones 'treat' had to be earned. The US version is simply teaching children extortion, well at least it is for the ones who have not already developed the skills from watching the goggle box.

    As a child halloween was a time of fun for all, now as a grumpy old man it is a time to be super grumpy.
  4. It is the one night in the year I am nice to children. I have Haribo!
  5. Haribo?....................Party as Rosies!!!

    My halloween will consist of watching the Hearts v Celtic game, in stages between drowning in a bucket of monkey nuts!!! My kids think this water-boarding torture stuff is great...................future guards at Guantanamo Bay perhaps? :thumright:
  6. Cor spenny you are a cheap date! Or it is all the e numbers in the Haribo that gets you going!
  7. Its the one night of the year that I hide :D

  8. :blob2: :blob3: :blob4: :blob5: :blob6: :blob7: :blob8: :wav:
  9. Used to live in Newhaven and went to Lewes bonfire night,brill time.
    Is Harveys Old out yet,best beer I've ever tasted?
  10. I'm not sure but they still have the shop at the bottom of the High St.
    Tom Paine has got be my favourite beer, that and Adnams Broadside.
    I love the anarchy of the Lewes bonfire night, no one gets spared a swift burning.
  11. Well I've been asked out for a meal to a very busy part of town, so I won't be taking the car.
    I can park my transport in any corner or up again any wall, or even in a cupboard!
  12. Even into the early 80s we had to make an effort to get any reward on Samhain, I just don't understand this thing for demanding stuff (cash) with no personal effort. For me it completely detracts from the festival itself.

    I won't get home from work until late this evening so hopefully I'll be left in peace to reflect on the time itself.
  13. From Haloween to car parking in 11 posts! Not bad

    Happy Haloween to those who will celebrate it and if you dont want/ like to take part...so be it.

    Me, I will be with my children tonight making sure that they dont get up to no good.
  14. The only night mum in law can go out safely and mix with likewise demons and monsters.(Only joking)
  15. Well I won't be going to the door to be pestered by a bunch of young scroungers, fcuk Halloween and Crimbo it's all a load of humbug. The tossers next door to me have erected a 'B&Q marquee so that will mean a shit nights sleep for me and I don't care that I have not been invited.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I used to be dyslexic as a kid and used to get confused looks (or the occasional slap) when I knocked at people's houses and asked:

    "Trick or trout!" 8O :?
  17. In quite a few countries, taking chryses into someone's house is a sign that you wish them or their family dead.
  18. Explains quite a lot really
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've been to the shop and have stocked up on "fishermens friends" to hand out when the little treasures come knocking later.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, might not do the trick; many kids in the West Country have sucked on a 'Fishermans' Friend'... 8O :wink:

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