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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by LaurenMc, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. I'm In the middle of training for a half marathon, it's next month and I'm doing well with training, anyone who has done one got any tips ??
  2. Make sure your equipment is fitting well, boots are broken in, Rifle is clean, (they will check) water is accessible, any existing skin abrasions are taped up, don't make any navigational errors and stop about 17 miles short of the finish line.

    Good luck and hope this helps. :toothy8:
  3. Ahh almost forgot my Rifle hahaha thanks ;)
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Plasters over the nipples helps with the webbing burns and putting one foot in front of the other prevents you from falling over.

    Also todays marathons are half the size of yesterdays, no wonder they called them sneakers. :)
  5. Just Work on pace it's all in the timing don't start to fast good luck and enjoy, which one u doing ?
  6. Done that, easy. Now I'm training for the half mars bar.
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  7. Deep fried? Or starting easy?
  8. Do the other half first and cut yer toenails
  9. All these nut&chocolate bar based posters should try to keep on Topic.

    (OK, coat's on, taxi inbound)
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  10. Hahah good one
  11. I want to hear more about the plasters over the nipples. Something to take to bed with me as it were.
  12. Vaseline comes in handy too.
  13. Nah, she's not round for a few days yet and it's not necessary.

    Slack you see.
  14. Vaseline, plasters and one foot in front of the other, think I've got it thanks !
  15. And squirrel-shit.

    Don't forget the squirrel-shit.
  16. Nipples too.

    Or - Nipples; two.

  17. Good luck! I did the bath half last year, remember to take recovery days when training- i over did it a bit and it back fired as i missed 2 weeks training whilst me body was in tatters! I did the entire distance twice a month and interval/shorter runs mixed with lower impact activities such as swimming and cycling etc!
  18. Nipple plasters, vaseline, that's so last year. This is what you need.

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  19. Does that work as well as this, Drakey?


    Of course, I wouldn't know where you could get hold of any etc
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  20. I hope the route is better signposted than the search function facility on this website :)
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