Half Full or Half Empty Stasi Strikes Again!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Well after Baby P is it that surprising really, though one would have thought that a couple of simple and unobtrusive questionbs by the constable could have resolved the whole thing before it started.

    It is all probably going to go down a repeat of the 'satanic abuse' saga of a few years back.
  2. Serves her right really. Place looks like the old saumarez block, Nelson. Sh1t hole. And gash tats to boot!! Also, looks like a sh1t version of 'where's wally'.
  3. So, Alfacharlie, all in all, you would say she was in a s**t location. How dreadful. Now remind us of your location? Ah, yes; we believe you.

    I must say that the most surprising thing about the report is that it's a pregnant woman who's actually married.
  4. Well, being a west midlands lad, I often ventured up to the crap hole Staffs. And, to be brutally honest, that place is a fcuking palace compared with some of the holes i seen. So, OK then, BZ to the tramp.
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    So, lets get this right.....
    Slightly overzealous police officer makes note to social services that pregnant woman appears to be living in a shithole, social services carry out short investigation only to discover that actually house is in mid decoration, all is well, no babies were harmed.

    Sounds to me exactly what should be happening, and the story is?

    If this had happened in previous cases perhaps there would have been less tragic results. Non-story by that renowned pedlar of non-stories, but look, she got her picture in the paper.
  6. And I'm gonna crack one off over the beaute. Looks like stephen hawking's stuck on the stairs.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Hawking has better taste in shoes!
  8. Forget the story, scroll down and look at some of these brilliant comments!

    Reading this makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. It is scary, a nightmare.

    It is about time the police got on with their job. That is to catch CRIMINALS and not hound INNOCENT PEOPLE.

    What a nasty piece of work that policewoman is.
    I hope the over PC PC has been removed from her post and put behind a desk where she can do no further damage to police/citizens relationship

    the UK is rapidly becoming a controlling, surveillance state where a group of people (police, council officials, wardens, PCSOs , etc.) are trying to rule over the ordinary people.

    This is more important to the police than actually charging people who have committed rape?

    Shame the police haven't got the guts to tackle real louts and criminals but spend their time dealing with soft targets.

    Like others have said DO NOT LET POLICE INTO YOUR HOUSE, you can talk on the doorstep.
    The police cannot be trusted.

    1984 The thought police/ nazis are watching.Big Brother and Stalin.FRIGHTENING.

    Fcuking awesome! Do these people really exist?

  9. No, the WPC should have asked a couple of simple questions herself there and then, not waste the time of some already overworked social worker.
  10. Yeah, the old bill should of asked "did you crimp in the mess square last night and someone had drawn on you?2. Also "are you out on day release?" and fcking 'ell, someone fcked you??"
  11. Check back of headboard for zap stickers. It HAS to have been a pissed up matelot. No-one else would touch it.

  12. Yeah, poss-high tag team by 2 rats stokers no doubt.
  13. She should be judged as a bad mother for that blouse. The shoes alone are justification for a revival in Eugenics.

    She looks like the sort of mong a sex club drags in for bukkake night when the doctor's wife has got a coldsore. Dreadful specimen.
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Perhaps, hence my slightly overzealous comment, however had something later come of this the headline would have been "child abused because unqualified policewoman makes social workers' decision"

    Whilst the mail would like people to board the outrage bus based on it's inference that this woman has been unfairly judged the facts remain the same: copper does job, causes slight discomfort to pregnant mother, all turns out well after social services do their job - non-story.

  15. The crap hole staffs??

    Staffs is a county, and if you've just written off all of it your a fcukin pleb, there's money in this county, I live in it, and although ain't no rich bitch can vouch its here alright.
    West Mids is one of the biggest county Boroughs in England and you write that off as well. Where you living Windsor Fcukin castle. :roll: 8O
  16. Lads (not you Alfacharlie), all fair points but isn’t this a sign of our new, incredibly civilised society? Everybody is now so concerned with covering their own a**es (and often with good cause, these days) that Mr Commonsense goes on his holidays. Taking it to the extreme, suppose the Social Worker had decided that she wasn’t qualified to have an opinion on the state of the house and its habitability, would she have tasked the Housing Department to visit and provide an expert opinion? Just a thought
  17. Yeah, Windsor catsle... in west mids. You can see as you come down the M6 you mong.
  18. He meant Tamworth Castle!
  19. Roy Castle for all I care.

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