Haitian zombies

Now, as I recall from many years of 'Hammer House of Horrors' et al, Haiti and Pappa Doc are responsible for all the world's zombies.(Stand fast Sean Pegg and the Zombie movie!).

So, what I want to know is, has the world's zombie population now increased by some 200,000 or whatever, or is there a dispensation for natural occurences that cause deaths of that number?

Answers on the back of a DEC payment receipt please............ :oops:
Hatian Zombies?
If I might make a sugestion, you should never kill them until they are just a few paces from where you intend cooking them, it cuts out transport costs.
NZ_Bootneck said:
Head shots only!! Anything else is a waste of ammo, wait until you see the bloodshotness of their eyes!
Agreed, as I never eat the head. You can of course take the eyes if you want it to see you through the week. 8O