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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rikbones, May 26, 2009.

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  1. I hope this question doesn't sound too ridiculous. Regarding hair length, I know the navy promotes short hair, but how short can you have it? What I am trying to say is that I currently shave my head right down with a gillette, now while I assume that this would be ok, do the navy require you to have some hair on your head? This isn't a joke question, and i'm sorry if this is obvious, but I have been wondering about it.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hair is required, on the head at least. 8O :lol:
    It used to be a No 1 length as the minimum, ask your AFCO or await incoming from Ninja or superMario for current Regs.
  3. its grade 2 all over in phase 1. not sure about about phase 2 i think it might be near enough the same, but your allowed to have it a bit longer on the top is this correct?
  4. I suppose it also depends on what you're applying as.. I'd imagine an officer wouldn't be expected to have a skinhead, well, perhaps not traditionally speaking.

    As a rate? No idea. Though in either case if you are naturally bald, I hear you have to rub your head with a prikky and sprinkle chocolate topping on top, so you satisfy the minimum hair requirements.

    One thing I know for definite is that you have to shave your private area neatly every week for sanitary reasons. Them's the rules.
  5. Bald haircuts were once all the rage. It's these damned anti-baldies at work again. Piccy of contemporary RALEIGH's barber..... :D


    That said, tufty top hair and well groomed beard maketh man! :twisted:

  6. Minimum hair length during phase one is grade 2.
    After that as long as it's smart and doesn't touch your ears or collar and is a natural colour it's ok.
  7. What was the point in the mirrors I wonder? Not exactly much choice of styles .. !!
  8. I'm not shaving my beard or cutting my hair until I have to go into the mob on the 27th sept.

    And when I do I spraying lynx in my hair and putting a lighter to it.

    True story, youtube vid to follow (^_^)
  9. am dreading it

    last time i had a skinhead was 1999!!! and i have always had it at a good length, dont have long hair but dreading it

    ahh well, me hair grows back fast so it will be back in a few weeks
  10. indeed, you'll probably need to get it cut twice during phase one anyway, you'll look almost normal by the time you need to pass out.
  11. I understand i will have to wear my glasses all the way through Basic, will it be the same in phase 2, or do i get the option not to wear them, they are benefitial, but i dont suit them at all
  12. I'm also dreading getting short hair because 1. I look like a bell end with short hair all over and 2. my girlfriend HATES it lol.

    Hopefully after basic I will atleast be able to get a number 2 or 3 round the sides and a scissor cut of like an inch on top.

    Reckon that would be alright?
  13. My understanding of regs has always been - neat and tidy all the way round and what's under your cap's your own :?
  14. I thought that too, apparently now its policy to get a number 2 all over and be forced to look like a criminal scumbag thug.

    Great lol
  15. Why do they insist on this crap :roll:

    Presumably, once you're out of basic you can get away with keeping something on top to keep you warm :lol:
  16. a bit of a generalisation to say that all people with shaved heads look like criminal scumbag thugs! 8O

    i certainly dont think i look like that
  17. I know not all do, but I'm just annoyed that I do lol

    Look abit like a chav scummer!
  18. At my debrief I had very short hair, it had been "bic'd" on the sides a week before so under a number 2 and a number 2 on the top, my CA told me that it would have been fine if it had been faded in (it weren't)

    Hope this helps, also I've heard different from different sources about the grade 2 at Raleigh.

    My CA told me that if it's neat already and not too long they will leave it but I heard on here they will try and take some off whatever it looks like.

    Personally I will be going down with a short back and sides but gonna make sure the sides are no shorter than a number 2 for obvious reasons.
  19. Going by your avatar I'd suggest you see yourself as more of a head-hunter then 8O
  20. No just a regular guy with regular hair lol.

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