Hair Dying.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tuts, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi again, Please don't think that I'm bordering on being gullible or anything, but a friend of mine is currently doing his stint at Raleigh, and he tells me that women aren't aloud to dye their hair once joined. With me having blond hi-lights he's telling me to let them grow out. Is this bloke taking the feckin piss out of me or is this true?
  2. He probably is extracting the urine, just turn up at Raleigh and the training team will give you the heads up PDQ.
  3. Thanks for that, much appreciated! He had me a bet, if he as right he gets a photo of my arse. So you've not only saved me from having prostitute roots but also my dignity. Thanks mate! (next time I'm not carrying that teddy bear through customs!)
  4. Tuts

    These are the regulations:

    Article 0223. Female Personnel

    1. Hair. Shall be kept neatly groomed and shall not extend below the lower edge of the shirt collar. Long hair should be worn up. Varying styles of hair, straight or curled, are permitted within these limits but unnatural hair colours and exaggerated styles, including those with excessive fullness, shortness or extreme height are not permitted. In no case shall the bulk or length of the hair detract from a smart and well groomed appearance or preclude the proper wearing of naval head-dress. Hair ornaments, including scrunchies, shall not be worn. Every effort shall be made to ensure that grips, hairpins, nets and similar items used to secure the hair are as unobtrusive as possible. Hairstyles shall be secured or styled back from the face. Ratings with long hair may wear it in a ‘pony tail’, secured with a non-synthetic tie when forming part of an emergency party so that breathing apparatus can be donned quickly without the need to remove hair grips. This relaxation also extends to ratings off duty in their mess decks.


    You will want easy-care hair at HMS Raleigh, there won't be much time for hair care regimes.
  5. Hey tuts, and I quote

    Is this bloke taking the feckin piss out of me or is this true?

    taking the fecking piss is not really language for a Princess, is it?
  6. Please forgive me and my foul mouthed language. You are quite right, my 'English Rose' manners went straight out of ones door just then. Thanks for the advice and keeping me in line, will do me the world of good once I'm in. And thanks for that soleil. x
  7. Be very grateful you have your own hair to play with. Some of us have been afflictedwith dieback for years. :lol:
  8. Thanks for this LOL.
  9. Hey Tuts just because you won the bet we all want to see your arse get posting babe. :p
  10. It wont matter anyway.You will get an all over Number 2 so dont worry!
  11. LOL, looking forward to my skinedd. Sorry Bikerman, I want to join with at least some dignity (if at all possible).
  12. Ladies can have hair as long as they like and what colour they like, it's only the stuff on your head that has to conform 8O
  13. Ah, Just as well, coz at this present moment in time I look like I'm holding a couple of hippies hostage. :D
  14. Nice 8O 8O :oops: :oops:
  15. Only messin WreckerL, don't have nightmares my love....
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hmmn, interestingly this very thread was mentioned in a work-related phonecall earlier today.....

    Small world, but wouldn't like to paint it.
  17. I've still got all my own hair.
    Well I say all my own, just two more payments. 8O 8O :roll:
  18. Ha ha Ninja Stoker, many thanks for the info today. I'm still swotting! Me and my hair don't arf get around these days....
  19. You could have phrased that better :oops:
  20. Flamin el, I'm not impressing you at all today am I? Would you do me the honour of re-phrasing this for me please?

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