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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by brazenhussy, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Ok I apologise in advance for my ignorance, but Bro - in - Law deploys on a T boat tomoro, esdur 6 months.

    He had a hair cut yesterday, grade 2, because " we can't have a hair cut onboard, because the hair remnants will F**k up the air filtration units"-- this was met by lots of giggles and general piss taking from myself, hubby(ex LMEM) and a mate--................................. but then I wondered if this was genuine- or indeed a wind up!!

    Hubby explained to sproglet bro in law that a length of hair, even cut, is far greater than a particle of dust that the human body produces all the time - so surely dust will clog filters first -- if the hair cut issue is correct?

    Any advice greatly received............................ :thumright: :thanks:
  2. i have also heard this from my brother in law who also serves on t boats (hms traf to be precise) and apparently the same goes for shaving..only wet shaves and not as often due to the small hairs....and being a prospective submariner myself this appeals to me as there are those days where you just cant be a**ed to shave! as far as i know BH this is true........
  3. You can get a haircut onboard, but you need someone stood by with a vacuum to get the hair as it gets cut off your schwad. Having said that, I rather enjoyed coming back from patrol looking like teen wolf!
  4. Just a submariners excuse not to cut their hair or shave when at sea... they even pretend they dont have enough water to wash properly..............
    no wonder they pay them more - them boats must really stink!
    Not like us smartly coiffured clean skimmers :thumright: thats why we get all the women :colors:
  5. The dit about the filters is true BH, dust is a problem as you quite rightly say, but the idea is not to increase the problem by throwing extra gash particles into the system - hence no deodorants either, which all adds to the stink.... smells like victory!
  6. No1 cut the day before sailing. Then delay for the defect at harbour stations, down to PSB for a few days. Ah ha, can now go to that wedding/posh function I wasn't expecting to make. Turn up & everyone you've not seen for a while doesn't know whether you're recovering from chemo & is embarrassed to speak to you.
    It happens....
  7. I recently bought a beard trimmer from Phillips (well Boots actually) which supposedly has a built in hoover thing to stop bits of beard ending up all over the place. Not particularly effective. Must try beard trimming with a proper vacuum cleaner next time (I must borrow Nutty for this task, as he's obviously an expert here ;) )..... :lol: I normally use my (old) beard trimmer whilst leaning over the toilet bowl, so the hairs go into the water.

    PS: Submarine shaving/haircuts sound fun! :biggrin:
  8. Never had a haircut on a boat in 20 years.
    Never had a wash on a boat in 20 years.
    Never brushed my teeth on a boat in 20 years.
    Never changed my socks on a boat in 20 years.
    Never changed my under-crackers on a boat in 20 years.
    Never cleaned my sleeping-bag on a boat in 20 years.

    It's a great life.
  9. I seem to remember there's a bit of kit in the ACS called the precipitator fan which zaps particles of dust sucked over it with a static charge. All the bits so zapped get pulled to one side and thus out of the atmosphere. It gets clogged up fairly quickly though and needs regular cleaning.

    In fact everything gets sucked into the ACS at some time or other to get filtered. The workload must be reduced quite a bit now though because of the smoking ban!

    As for the haircut ban dit...Yep, true. The trick was to try and and get away with hair as long as possible before leaving the wall for patrol and come back months later looking like Ben Gunn. Get on leave as fast as possible and convince the civvies that you've just been released from prison. It was a big relief to shave it all off though...and then grow it all again the next time out!
  10. It wasnt not being able to have a hair cut that upset us,it was having no water to shave our legs.
    They get so rough after a few days.
  11. Polaris patrols in the late 70's - grow hair as long as you wanted on patrol, that included moustaches, sidburns, beards, van-dykes - all shapes and varying degrees of success. Sadly, bout week or so before coming back in the Coxn (on Repulse anyway) would be on the warpath and would be cutting hair in the 4'ends (and charging you for it). If you somehow managed to escape and had visions of going on leave looking like the bees knees with your up to date hairstyle (e.g. not looking like something from the Bash Street Kids) then you still had to get past the poxy Crushers who would wait around at the top of the tunnel and get you just as you thought you'd gotten away with it. Happy Days :)
  12. That got anything to do with your choice of name Billy?

  13. Didn't think of that. Could be something to do with it.
    I play this LP all the time just to annoy my neighbours.


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