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hair cuts and what to expect?

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hey, although am just about to sit my medical, i have looked up a few things and it saying woman also have to get a No' 2 shave and also am wondering if i get accepted (fingers crossed) what do i expect because although i make friends easy am worried about meeting new people as am not really that confident without make up on "/ help please?


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Shave what bits you like (females don't have to have a No2) and don't worry about the make up, you'll all look the same once you've done the assault course :wink:


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you can take make up with you and your instructors will give u an extra 30 mins each morning to apply it but you have to let them know that it affects your confidence as this will allow them to process it as a legitimate request.
The reason i said another one is we get this question quite a lot from concerned females and also some males.
Only last week there was a young lad asking about fake tan and if the gym facilities have tanning machines.
That is all my dear.


tommo said:
No hairy growlers though

I've just had my students on a growler parade due to gash pubic admin. All passed inspection having been picked up last thursday night.


is that true? a male asking about fake tanning beds?! okay i wouldn'nt go that far and all i care about is foundation because due to some things when i was younger my face is marked is some places although i do like my the rest of my make up but i dont bother me as much as foundation, i know the army dont allow it at all.


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FFS it's not a beauty pageant. You are not allowed to wear makeup during the day and you won't have time to apply it anyway.


when you dont have confidence due to things happened in your past i dont care about beautie or not its confidence! :).


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Pammi is waiting in the chat room. I'd love to join her but I can't access it from my PC at work.


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Dont listen to drakey he is just bitter cos i outed him (you know fake tan man).
Just PM me and i will answer all your questions.
Of course you are allowed time to put on your make up. The Guys just fall in and wait for you.

Ignore Drakey. He's just bitter because when he joined he wasn't allowed time to put on his foundation like the rest of the girlies.

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