Had laser eye surgery!

Hey, In the process of joining the RM. I had my laser eye surgery 2 weeks ago now and I have succesfully got 20/20 vision, doc said it is likely to improve past that aswell, (Very nice). I had the Royal Marine/Navy officer presentation on Tuesday which basically went through everything I already knew but helped me enforce the ideas of why I wanted to go.
Now I have the phscometric tests just after christmas.
Then 6 weeks after that a 1-1 interview. Just wondering what I need to know about for this interview and what sort of questions they will ask me?
Any help appreciated.
(Merry christmas Lads)


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Hi SB, Cool Yule & all that :thumright:

As you are probably aware, you will need to wait until 12 months have elapsed since eye surgery until you can be passed medically fit for entry, so best of luck.

The selection Interview takes about 45-60 minutes & breaks down into five main Areas:

Your home background - all about you & your family, your education to date, including further education, your complete work record/experience you may have, spare time hobbies & interests which includes a comprehensive breakdown of your fitness regime and finally your motivation- what you know about the job, Corps history, ethos, key dates, where/how long the training is/what it involves, what the Commando tests are, etc.

Example Corps knowledge questions:

1. What is the date of the birth of the Corps?

2. What is the Corps motto?

3. What does it mean?

4. Describe the CORPS cap badge and what do all the elements mean?

5. What happened at Walcheren?

6. Who was Hanna Snell?

7. What was the Corps last major battle honour?

8. Who is the Commandant General of the Royal Marines?

9. There are three Commando Units, what are they called?

10. Where are the Commando Units located?

11. What does The Fleet Protection Group do.

12. Name Five of the specialist (SQ) or Technical qualifications (DQ) that you could be trained for?

13. How long do you have to sign on for when you join the Royal Marines?

14. What is the minimum amount of time you have to serve as a Royal Marine?

15. Where in the world are the Royal Marines currently serving?

Firstly it's worth emphasising that there's no such thing as a list of correct interview answers, unless they are Corps history/knowledge. The old adage: "You only get one chance to make a first impression" still apply.

I'll give a few examples which should be enough to get the gist.

Personally, you're not impressing anyone if you're late, unkempt, chewing gum or ill-prepared.

Other examples of possible grounds for an unsuccessful interview are as follows:

Insufficient determination to complete a course of training. (could
include ex-servicemen who have previously failed training)

A poor attitude to authority and the civil police and would rather
obstruct than help them to carry out their duties.

If the person is unwilling to work as indicated in poor school reports, job records
or references or if sacked from a number of jobs or has left without good

Contrary to what people may advise, honesty at interview is by far the best method. If someone has committed a transgression it would probably be viewed more favourably if they demonstrated remorse rather than indignation.

There's no hidden agenda, but if you're found to be economical with the truth, it is obviously not going to get you too many Brownie points.

Hopefully this will give you a very rough idea of what we seek.

The best thing to do is simply "Be yourself"

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