Had enough I am off ta ta.

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Deeps, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. I will spare you the ''I am HIG the martyr''speech. I have handed in my notice. Its like banging your head against a brick wall sometimes on this site.Its not that important to me,I have more important things to do than spend my life bitching on this site. Good luck to you all ,stay safe and MODs hang in there.Regards.Deeps
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    fcuk me....who's gonna make it a hat trick?
  3. Stay safe young man. I for one will miss you :thumright:

  4. Am I missing something here? I'm not aware of any mal-administration. Anyone care to illuminate?
  5. Basially, ungrateful members b*tching about Mod'g and such, how the site is being over mod'd, can't keep their mouth's zipped for one moment and like to make digs whenever.

    Unfortunately, the bandwagon for 'us against the mods' seems to grow bigger and, to be honest, it gets boring and annoying.

    I ain't saving no pretty words for jack sh*t anymore. All that has been going on is target practises and people jumping threads with useless attempts at slating when someone wants advice.

    No Mrs. Nice guy from me folks.
  6. ffs----------[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. We're doomed I say!!!!Sorry to see you go!
  8. Why the ell have we got a lot of aggro against the mods they are their to morderate the language of the members not be moaned about, on another site I was on, a young lady was made a mod who most peeps liked but some one who wanted to be a mod decided he did not want her and made a lot of remarkes and wasvery rude and got some one to send her a lot of emails and telephone calls. In the end she quit so did some of the best members on the site, it took a longtime before it got back up to what it was, with a lot of new members coming on who did not know what happened. The person who did this was was slung off the site he/she tried to get back on several times using different names etc but was always found out. so cut the sniping we are supposed to be a happey band of brothers and sisters.
    Splice the mainbrace

  9. Moderating is a thankless task but I fail to see why RR members should be thankful to the few moderators who seem to occassionally abuse their positions.
    The COs have recently promoted from within RR several new Mods who are respected by the majority of RR members. Frequently my opinions have been at odds with these moderators but they do not belittle them and argue their points succinctly and intelligently. I have never seen remarks such as "If you don't like it then **** off" from any of the new Mods.
    Perhaps some more established mods could learn much from these newbie mods.
  10. The Mods job is not so much to moderate language but to ensure that the site stays within the bounds of the law, and in this case as it's a military site ensure that PERSEC ( personal security) is adhered to.
    Some Mods ensure that their forums adhere to certain standards, as is the case of the Current Affairs forum mod. Rightly so as frequently the media try to support their point of view using quotes from RR.
    Most Mods on RR do a good job and are fair, there are however the odd ones who only seem more interested in status.
  11. I agree but when I said languge I also meant within the law and also decentcy. Not calling any one a slag or other name.
  12. Deeps, I for one will be sorry to see you go mate.
    We've had our arguments in the past but nothing that was said to each other without the common bond of underlying friendship and respect, and nothing that wasn't quickly sorted out privately.
    Fair winds my friend.
  13. keep your head down why you get out there deeps.
  14. May your God go with you (as a famous person used to say a very long time ago)

    I wish you well in all you do - and look forward to your triumphant return


    :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk: :walk:
  15. Concur with Mikh, see you back soon keep safe Deeps
  16. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to see you go Deeps, I understand why though. Keep your head down mate and worry about the important stuff, don't forget to come back and hassle Nutty as often as is possible :thumright:
  17. miss you already Deeps,,, hope all goes well fr you and your family,
    take care ,, J
  18. Keep your chin up and get over it :violent1:
  19. It's only a website not a way of life lol
  20. Get over it. And starting of a posts with BASICALLY is really poor.

    Ungreatful member. I am NOT Bitching I am telling it how it is.

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