Hackers can sere in new Joint Service unit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomcat24, Oct 22, 2013.

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  2. Well from what I've seen of the way hackers are portrayed, they are all fat, spotty blokes with weird personality traits.

    So they should fit in just fine!
  3. Why the **** shoud we employ some arse-hole with a criminal record eh? Makes a mockery of anyone who just happens to be honest and in need of a decent job.

    ****ing brilliantly stupid idea from those up in the big offices. Send me on a bloody course (Shrivenham?) - teach ME how to do and I'll add "Hacking" to my list of personal job qualifications.

    Never been to prison either - so I suppose I don't ****ing qualify for an interview - let alone a paper sift.

  4. I do like the fact that cyber terrorism is so important to the country that we're going to give protection against it to .......... the reserves!!!! It's not even important enough to have someone doing it full time.

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  5. Soon Trident SSBNs will be manned by reserves...haha
  6. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lt Col White didn't particularly explain the intent all that well. A number of positions have been created for a Reserve element of Joint Cyber Unit, some position (<=50) are going to be open to a pilot scheme to attract those who might not normally succeed in being accepted into a Reserve (or Regular) unit.

    It remains to be seen if someone with a criminal conviction for Computer Misuse Offences would actually be accepted, as they themselves may present more of a risk than an opportunity.

    For once though I applaud Defence, trying to look outside the box to solve a problem. The real question is would a 'hacker' of whichever shade really want to work for the establishment?
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  7. The sole reason we should employ "some arse-hole" is because it is most likely, the best defence we have against external threats.

    These people have talents, which can surpass anything that can be taught in a classroom. Why bother invest ££££££££ to train people, when people such as convicted hackers already have the skill sets to do the job.

    Exploit their skills, use them, they are probably the best we have!
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  8. The list of needed skills on this page https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/joint-forces-command/about/recruitment at the level they need (that is, not just following procedures and not having done a couple of months on a course, but actually being really, really quite good at this) commands a hundred pounds an hour upwards under contract. It might be that convicted criminals who can't get work elsewhere are all we can afford :)
  9. Employing hackers probably won't happen because some senior person somewhere will decree that they'll need a relevant degree, despite some of the best hackers in recent years having been young teenagers.

    The German kid who created a virus so that people would take their PC's to his mum's computer repair shop is a prime example of these savvy kids abilities.
  10. People with "real" hacking convictions also don't have a problem finding work in the IT security industry - as long as they make a reasonable effort to appear reformed.

    There is however a significant difference between your common teenage "hacker" tha downloads some things off the internet, and the sort the JCU(R) will want.

    Perhaps a new stripe on the uniform for those that commission into the RN? White is already taken, perhaps grey as a hat tip to "greyhat" hackers?
  11. Oh - okay then. I was grumpy when I read it. Sorry.
  12. The RCNC will be pissed at losing their grey stripes.
  13. Are there any Constructors left? Had One in NTD back in 90 and he was one of a very very small group still in uniform
  14. As stated above why take years to train someone to do a job that many of these people teach themselves.

    They get their rocks off by hacking - solving puzzles. Training people to look for ways into things isn't the best way to do it. We want people who have a niche ability to look for things that the people who create the software/hardware don't think of.

    Why would they want to work for the MOD? Because they would get to do some really Gucci stuff that they would usually be locked up for. The idea is that they don't do it for the money. They do it to show they can. You will find that this fits in with the Reserves very well as there are very few RNR's who do it for the money. These people do this kind of stuff in their own time because it's how they get their rocks off.

    I agree. This kind of thinking should be encouraged - not belittled. The MOD put too much emphasis on making people fit in a particular "box", often discounting some potentially excellent candidates because they don't meet the standards.
  15. There are 1 or 2 still around.
  16. They'll only do it to show they can if they can, in fact, show it. I suspect we'll get our own Manning or Snowden soon enough.

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