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Need some help folks, I logged on earlier (not to this site) and a full page came up saying that I had illegally downloaded music or pics and was being locked out of the computer until I paid a fine, its a very obvious scam.

However it is full page so gives me no access to anything/

I set up a separate account to try and do an anti virus scam with my Mcafee BT netscan but that doesn't show up on the new account

I then downloaded AVG and scanned the system but it didn't clear the problem

Any ideas gratefully received
Ahh "Ransomware". If you are unable to access your PC how did you download AVG and run a scan?

If you have access to a PC, download HIRENS CD, boot up form that (so the local hard disk is not used) and run the AV scan from there once the AV has been updated.
This happened to me about 18 months ago when I was just getting to grips with a new laptop.

I can't remember the exact sequence I used to cure it but it involved disconnecting from the internet, running System Restore and running a complete AV scan, (McAffe came as a freebie with the laptop), before re-connecting to the internet.

Never had a problem since then.

Good luck.


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Thanks lads, hopefully all sorted, went for the restore option in the end once I managed to get to the c prompt.

Hacked through a so called Adobe update which once clicked on covered the whole screen with a demand for cash.

Thanks again for the help, just waiting for the full scan to finish
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