Ha ha 9 o CLOCKERS


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All we ever seemed to get for 9 o'clockers was boiled eggs.

Every morning the phucking messdeck vibrated with the sound of the various bowel bugles blowing off,along with the foul stench of second hand eggs wafting around :sad3:


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Caterer ran out of money and gave everyone 1 Oxo Cube! PO of the Watch went into his office, rolled the Oxo Cube along the deck and shouted 'look out Jock it's a beef stampede, if you are so effing hard up keep it' Priceless.
stirling said:
RP1986 said:
Topstop said:
Joint_Force_Harrier said:
Baby sick sandwiches (Heinz sandwich spread)
Mad dog spew surely
No, definitely “baby spew†sandwiches. :pukel:
....the same stuff Barry Humphries ate out of a sick bag that had him banned from Quantas Airlines....or was it potato salad.
Used to be an old trick in the Wessex flying the Fosties out to there prey.
Tin of Heinz big soup in a spew bag.

One crewman pretends to be ill then throws up into prepared spew bag.

Diver takes spew bag off 'ill' crew member. Proceeds to pick the big pieces out of spew bag and eat them.

Now sit back and watch the fosties throw up for real!!!!!! :thumright:

Back to 9 - o-clockers spoilt on the Euryalus, on account of all the PO chefs that resided in the PO's mess. Mmmmmmm best meal of the day, normally courtesy of the wardroom!!!!
All of the above, and a gash bag full of rolls and a slab of Pussers cheese, no slide mind, dry as charity.
My preferred favourite, was HIT,s."Herrings in Tomato sauce".
HMS Cochrane JR galley 81-82 was the best 9 o-clockers ever cheese eggs cold meats spreads occasionally fresh salmon, Better than the evening meal at times


Lantern Swinger
yeah - i was there around the same time. Lunch was ace too - seem to remember being able to choose and cook ur own steaks!!! - even a dedicated omelette bar - for JR's wtf ???
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