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H4H wristband banned


A fifteen year old Devon student has said she's appalled at a decision by her school to ban her from wearing a charity wristband. Sarah-Jane Chalk from Exmouth claims she was told her Help for Heroes bracelet was a health and safety risk. The school says it breaks strict uniform policy.


War Hero
This is being blown out of all proportions, it is not a Help for Heroes band that is not allowed to be worn but ALL bands. It's a school rule that is being enforced.
The good thing is that H4H has just gained sh1tloads of free publicity :p


War Hero
I sincerely hope that as they have quoted H&S as being the driver for this decision that staff as well as pupils are subject to the same stringent rules, and are not allowed to wear similar (though probably pinko-lefty leaning) articles.
It's not worth getting excited over. Schools have rules, some are good some are bad. As long as they stick to them and apply the rules fairly then it's a level playing field so to speak.

I'd expect they support the poppy appeal etc but dont want the kids wearing wrist bands, I wont be manning a paddle on the outrage canoe over this one.


War Hero
Likie WB says schools have rules just like other organisations. Don't like the rule find another school...
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Yes; move along, there's nothing to see here.

Bugger! I've now got this mental image of that scene from Naked Gun.

What, that druggy woman, a horse, pig, chicken, pig and a dog. Or am I thinking of a different movie? :p


Lantern Swinger
The thing that annoys me about this is the use of H&S to implement a uniform rule. Does the school ban the wearing of watches, bracelets and rings on all pupils and staff too?

I'm guessing not, therefore it isn't a h&s issue as a metal bracelet on a watch will do much more damage if caught that a rubber band which will deform and break. There's a place for H&S and using it as an excuse for other made up rules isn't one of them.


I'm with Wurz on this one. Its far too easy to cite 'Health and Safety' as a catch-all excuse to ban anything the school/company/organisation doesn't particularly like.

I suspect the real reason is to prevent the pupils presenting a scruffy image by wearing several garish rubber bands on the wrist and up the arm; which I don't believe is a bad reason for a ban. The only thing I disagree with is the use of 'Health and Safety' as a scapegoat.


The only down side is we won't get to see the phone footage of a kid getting dragged in to a band saw by their wrist.

Couldn't care less if it's banned or not. Rules is rules.
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