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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Back on the H4H fund again at the local
    A few months ago I organised a quick quiz as to who was the worlds most famous gay,we raised a couple of hundred or so.
    This time I've tried another and I've got 40 pledges of a tenner each for the fund.
    What it consists of is;
    The ten things you would like to take on a Desert Island,non electrical,non mechanical or human and you must be able to carry it.
    Winner gets a ton rest goes to the fund.
    I'm a bit stuck.
    I've got

    1.A rubber inflatable doll with puncture repair kit
    2.Two boxes of Preparation H
    3.Box of woodworking tools
    4.Pussers knife with marlin spike
    4.Complete works of Shakespeare
    5.Portable Piano or guitar
    6.Fire lighting steel
    7.bear grylls or Ray Mears book on survival.
    8.Reams of writing paper or books with calendar
    That's where I am stuck for another two.
    Already there's been a few crazy suggestions but it's for the cause
    Comp ends New Years eve and if I win I'll donate my winnings to the fund.
    It's just a bit of fun so help if you can to make it more interesting especially as one regular wants all his choices to be crates of Newkie broon.
  2. SF,

    All that paper would be useless without a writing implement - Suggest a box of pencils (or crayons even :wink: ).

    As it gets dark at night, even on a desert island, surely you will need a windee-upee torch?

    Island? Surrounded by water? :idea: Fishing outfit of course.

    Thats three - So you'll just have to bin that Inflatable Dolly and rely upon your fading memory :cry:
  3. Where is your copy of any popular gentlemans entertainment magazines???

    Plus a crate of Super T wouldnt go a miss would it
  4. Dental Floss - can be used as a fishing line, thread for binding, sewing, shoelaces etc and it can also clean your teeth. :wink:

    A pot of Honey - it never goes off. Not only is honey very nutritive, it also acts as an antiseptic when put on wounds.

  5. Magnifying glass
    Cooking pots
  6. Dont bin the doll, you could use it to float on while out fishing. That would also wash it out after use :)
  7. that's some,won't ditch the doll though,pencils can be made with charcoal,Mag glass is good,bible is not for me.
    i think the lads at the bar are thinking of a more way out type of things,box of condoms is good for holding water.
    Don't think I'm in with a chance compared to others but it will raise a fair bit of cash and that's the aim of it.
    Thanks anyway
  8. The complete works of Shakespere
  10. Don't know why it double posted,forget the doll at my age it looks as though the grey cells are dying quicker than I thought.
  11. ? Surely SF had that already as No.4. on his original list.

    No quibble about your spelling though; I seem to recall that there were only six of his 'genuine signatures' in circulation and each one was spelled differently :wink:
  12. well, if the kit needs to be portable you are gonna need something to put it in so that you can carry it,

    1) A bergan

    like a rucksack only bigger and stronger
  13. An inflatable liferaft might be a cunning idea!
  14. BUMPED - To inquire of SeaF├╝hrer1939 if this competion ended before he bedded down? Result??

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