H4H can I make this work?

Need some advice here if you can.
I've treated my self to a new piano and another keyboard,consequently the one I have used for the last three years is going.
I've never gigged this one but the Music centre already has three in stock and advised me to sell it privately for £450.
It's a Yamaha PSR 9000 Pro with thousands of sounds and styles.
Point is I would rather donate it to the H4H rehabilitation centre for the injured to use for those who can.
I'm sure it will be of great help but,with a disabled wife, I cannot take it anywhere.
My new instruments are not due for three weeks,after that is there a firm attached to H4H who will collect it?I'll include a stand but!the Pro is just that,no speakers come with them. You have to play it thru an amp or Hi-Fi but that's easy overcome.
Can I get this to work to help the troops?I think they may enjoy it.
The manual and disks will all be included.
Just need to know the next step in a month if you can.
I could sell it maybe and donate the cash but I thought something like this may be a change to help them. Thanks if you can.

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