H1 & H2 Hearing test affecting wait times?

Hi there
Passed my RT in Dec, passed my medical in Jan and my PJFT a few weeks back. Had a call today to say although my medical had been passed as the paperwork was looked at closer my hearing test result was shown as H2. Whereas for my branch choice the requirement is H1. Luckily I've been given another appointment for a hearing test. Although this should have been picked up at my medical as they knew what branch I applied for. The person at my AFCO has been more than helpful though, hopefully I can get a H1 result on the re-test. The place where I went was pretty much in the town centre so not exactly quiet with my big grey headphones on.
Anyway if I'm unlucky to get a H2 result again and I go for another branch would my waiting time still count from starting from the RT pass in Dec? Gutted I was told this now as I thought I was in the clear. My security checks came back fine after submitting on Sunday and getting the call today, seems quick to me.
If anyone knows it would be much appreciated.
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