H&S stops Poppy parade.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andym, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Remembrance Day parade scrapped for first time in 60 years over 'health and safety' fears

    Bernard McCartin, a parade leader, is angry that this year's Remembrance Day parade is cancelled in Horwich, Lancashire
    Every year since 1945, the town of Horwich has held a parade to remember its war dead.

    But thanks to health and safety rules, there won't be one this year.

    And there are fears that Remembrance Day marches nationwide may be threatened by similar safety demands, which put severe pressure on budgets.

    Organisers in the Lancashire town have previously relied on brief and small-scale road closures put in place for free by the police, to clear the way for the event.

    But this year, senior police officers said although they will still make no charge, a team of marshals must be employed to man the route at a cost of about £50 a day.

    In addition, organisers will have to pay for each road they want closed.

    To make matters worse, Bolton Council has increased permanent road closure prices from £300 to £800 this year.
    Old soldiers in Horwich will have to be content with watching the national Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph on TV after their own parade had to be scrapped because of an £18,000 'health and safety' bill

    These costs could bring the final bill to £18,000 - making the November 11 parade too expensive to hold.

    Usually it would cost only a couple of thousand pounds.

    Greater Manchester Police said the extra security is necessary because another force in the West Midlands was successfully sued when Brownies participating in a parade were injured by a car which drove into them while they were marching.

    But Bernard McCartin, of the Royal British Legion's Horwich branch, warned that the cost of imposing further safety measures could affect parades across the country. Mr McCartin, 65, who served with the Royal Observer Corps in Lincolnshire, added: 'This is very disappointing, but there is not a lot we can do.

    "It is a mark of disrespect to every person who gave their lives for this town."
    A band plays during last year's parade in Horwich
    The former mayor of Horwich, a parade leader, added: "Several hundred people watch this event every year with all sorts of organisations from cub scouts to veterans taking part.

    "It is a further erosion of what we hold dear in the country."

    A spokesman for the Royal British Legion said it would be looking into the matter.

    "The issue of proposed local council and police charging to ensure the safety of Remembrance Day parades is of great concern. It is clear that a change of policy has taken place at local level."

    Tory defence spokesman Dr Liam Fox said: 'This is a scandal. To hear that people cannot remember those who gave their lives for this country due to overzealous bureaucrats is crazy.

    "I'd hope the authorities will be reconsidering their application of the rules to ensure that the parade can go ahead."

    However, Steve Rock, of Horwich Town Council, said it did not have the money to help to meet the bill.

    He said: "People will be upset, but the only way to fund it would be to raise council tax next year."

    The Horwich parade has been held since 1945.

    It passes through the town and ends at the war memorial.

    A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the force did not charge for policing parades but warned that the local authority does charge for road closures.

    "To address this, the force has suggested a shorter route that would not involve closing roads and, therefore, not cost the organisers anything."

    PC Phil Waring, events planner for Bolton, explained why the safety rules had been imposed.

    "There was an incident in the West Midlands where the police were successfully sued and, as a result, we have to follow new guidelines and make it safer for people."

    Earlier this year, health and safety rules ended an annual duck race in Upper Dam, Lymm, Cheshire, which raised money for charity.

    The event was so popular that council officials insisted that organisers close a nearby road to meet health and safety requirements.

    But Warrington Borough Council refused to pay for the closure - and the Round Table, which organised the event, said it could not afford the £3,000 bill.

  2. And to think that they died so that we can be free. My Navy has gone, my Country is slowly but surely dying. Not to worry it won`t be log before i board the mystery train.
  3. I live in Manc land at the minute, and from the local paper I know for a fact that if you class the event as a political rally / protest march then the policing is free.

    They have a Caribbean festival here every year and it was facing a huge bill. They were advised to call it a march along the lines of 'protesting' that slavery wasn't abolished quickly enough (or some other made up reason) -and the carnival can go ahead without policing costs.

    I wonder if the old boys have been advised the same?

    I'll try and find a link! :whew:
  4. If it’s true the veterans should just carry on with the parade, if plod was instructed to stop them the shite would really hit the fan, these jumped up town hall bureaucratic little jokers get right up my snoring horn.
  5. I agree with finknottle. They should just go ahead regardless. the press would have a field day if the police started arresting them and the council would come in for so much sh!t. I bet the council would find the money for some other 'worthy' event that I'll leave to your own imagination.
  6. Another example of "if it didn't exist under New Labour, it didn't exist at all". A bloody disgrace and an insult to those whose names are on all the memorials. A pox on such bureaucrats !
  7. Would a couple of thousand assorted veterans from across the country, armed with medals, blazers, flannels, shiny shoes, and poppies, escorting the local Legion to their war memorial, constitute a protest march in the context of this puerile argument, I wonder?

  8. I don't see why not. Carry a few placards (like Father Ted) saying "down with this sort of thing" or "this must stop - now". They are ex-forces, adapt and overcome!

    Although I do like the idea of them just going ahead - can't imagine a copper in the land going to stop them?????
  9. I posted this on ARRSE as well,but it seems that the powers that be have removed it!!!!!!!

    Whats that all abaht?????
  10. Just a thought SSSS,
    Most British Legions these days have a fairly large contingent of civvies who have never served, but are supportive of the BL. Invite them to carry the banners. Let the ex servicemen/women do their usual dignified march to the War Memorial - enhanced by those from other areas that can/wish to attend.
    I will commit myself. I AM prepared to travel from my home in York to support them.

  11. This is yet another kick in the teeth for serving and ex-serving members of HMS Forces. We obviously just aren't fasionable anymore.

    Sad, sad days for this once great country. Gonna have to downgrade from Great Britain to Good Britain and later OK Britain.

  12. Long gone past that stage… we are living in New Britain
  13. Actions speak louder than words. Stop sitting on your hands and moaning - do something.
    Sign this petition, link below, post the link to everyone you know.
    If it gets plenty of signatures the press will pick up on it, so start the ball rolling. Whinging achieves nothing.

  14. Thanks for the link done and dusted.

    I have to disagree with your comment on whinging, in my opinion it's not worth getting out of your rack in the morning unless there is something to whinge about.
  15. Signed
  16. I'm bumping this one because my previous post still stands.
    Anyone local care to invite a few friends to help out?
    As previously stated, I will lend my support.
    November is only three months away.

  17. Signed. 106 signatures so far.

  18. Signed.

  19. Still bumping, and pressing my kit.


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