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expatbjl said:
Served on Plover 96-97 till the handover.
Mr Ling a gift from the gods to all Jr,s in the prince of wales 18th floor.
He was still helping the Jr,s get through till payday and always had a pot noodle handy to settle the stomach.
Any one remember samauri sid the barber? you could ask for any hairstyle and still come away with short back and sides!!!
I also left the mob and returned to work for 5 years in HK,married the girl i met in 96 happy days.
Will be back at easter for a couple of weeks.
Where did you work,did you get into The Old China Hand much?
I did two stints there in the early eighties while the boat was in refit in guzz. First time for six weeks on HM Tug Clare, painted grey with an ensign on the back end.

What a absolutely fantastic jolly.....pissed from....well practicaly pissed all the time. All night runs and breakfast in Tiffanys or the Furama Hotel before back on board Tamar and sleep 'til 1200 then do it all again for the price of about 100 dollars HK (about a tenner).

The L/Reg in Tamar, Jimmy Bond, quite the best Regulator I've ever come across used to plead with us to complete our joining routines sometime before leaving. PLEASE....he actually said please. He then told everybody the hows and why and wherefores in order that nobody ran foul of the Joss. The Joss just let everybody get on with having a good time and only interfered if he thought somebody might drop themelves in it. Another brilliant attitude. 'You break my rules and I'll cut your legs off and send you 35 thousand feet that way' pointing West. Only he never had any rules as such and treated everybody as a grown up on a mission to get blitzed.

Second time, I was there for eight weeks with the hovercraft unit running out of Stonecutters................another fantastic jolly. Bit more grown up and operational but still I was left entirely on my own to do what was needed. Isn't it nice to be trusted and treated like an adult. The pilot of the hovercraft was an absolute lunatic and so laid back as to be horizontal.

Yep Hong Kong............brilliant....alas no more.......I'm very glad I got the chance though and what's more the Mob paid me to do it!

One more thing.....Mr Ling, great bloke........he was part of the leaving routine. Nobody left until he's stamped your card and one of the barmen in the China Fleet Club.........NUMBA Sixty!


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.Funny,it must be something in the water.The reg staff including the Joss were great when I was there also.Yes,being treated like an adult was brilliant (see my earlier post).
I was lucky enough to get a jolly there in 78 whilst waiting part 3 at Collingwood, 7 weeks on the Yarnton.

Always remember the Chief who picked ten of us up fron Kai Tak pointing out the Wanch on the way past and telling us that as we were all under 18 we wouldn't be going there. 6 Hours later in the finest matelote tradition there we were.

Remember Mr Ling total star.
Popped in with Aurora early 84 then loan draft to Yarnton for 6 months, late 84. Good nights out down Wanchi not so much fun sailing around the South China in a force 10 in a boat about to be decomisioned that leaked like a sieve and fell apart.
There in the MSO August 75 til Jan 76, plus covered on the Wasperton for a couple of weeks, brilliant draft but i still watched the VC10's taking off from Kai Tak once a week, counting down the time until i was on the next one.
Went there several times, spent a couple of months in Tamar '55 whilst the ship was in dry dock, had a week on Stonecutters under canvas doing a musketry course, and a couple of weeks on an ML patrolling around the islands.
Went back again on "Eagle" not alongside alas, the Star ferry was used as a liberty boat.
Finished my time there 74-76.
Looked at HK on 'Google earth' recently, bore no resmblance to how I knew it, tho'found my old MQ building.
Happy times
Do any of you guys remember when HMAS Derwent visited Hong Kong in 1976 and we were used as a prop for the British TV show "Warship". Our name was changed and gangway staff had to have HMS Hero tally bands, life buoys etc. We were a River class Destroyer Escort, similar to a Leander. We had a Communications Party at the Washington Bar in the Wanch, I am in the rear on the left with a Bargirl in the photo Washington Bar Wanchai HK (Party Ticket) HMAS Derwent 1976.jpg Washington Bar Wanchai HK (Party Ticket) HMAS Derwent 1976.jpg . When the Brits were in Hong Kong, it was good to be able to buy Fish and Chips down in the Wanch. It was similar in Singapore in Sembawang (fish and Chips) out of the back of a van. Being in the Golly branch (Electronic Warfare), I had a visit up to Tai Mo Shan. That was interesting. Very hairy going up the mountain road though. We could see the border crossing at Lo Wu. Absolutely loved my visits to Hong Kong. I had a long term girl friend at the San Francisco Bar, her name was Carmen. She seemed to be there every time I visited. Here is another photo that you all have probably seen before. The Lockhart road bar strip. That better do for now



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Here is another photo that you all have probably seen before. The Lockhart road bar strip.
I was in that road earlier this year.

The biggest difference from your photo now is the amount of people, just absolutely crowded everywhere, no personal space.

Don't known what's the prices were like back then but booze starts at around £7 per pint upwards, so not ideal. Other than things are much more expensive too... Sunday afternoons are the nannies day out, Filipina Tea Dance.


Went there twice in the mid and late sixties - firstly on the Lowestoft, secondly on the Phoebe. Great run ashore - in Wanchai and over in Kowloon.
Hello, no I wasn't posted to Tamar, I was on visiting Australian Warships. It's only now that I have heard of the Old China Hand. Was it a bar, where was it. Most of my time was spent in Wanchai and Kowloon at the various bars. My first time in Hong Kong was 1970 and continued until approx 1986.
Sent all his children to University from what he earned Laundry ,and bits and pieces also hand wound from the Japanese invasion,Man a bike, picked my Laundry up when I was M.E.O. H.M.S. Swallow. Respect.


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Kathleen Harland.jpg There was a good book written by Kathleen Harland about the RN in Hong Kong which maybe of interest ? Struck the right balance of explaining how HMS Tamar came to be with lot's of photo's showing the changes over the years
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