H.M.S. Tamar

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by skimmer, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Anyone do a turn in Honky Fid? I was there for a short time in 87,loved it,went outside & came back out.
  2. I was there in 74/75 - drafted to the Comcen, living in Tamar barracks - had great time. Watch system gave us two days off at a time during the cycle - 19 years old and a year in Hong Kong, Wanchai, what a place for a run ashore - bliss. Was Mr. Ling (think that was his name) the old guy who used to clean the mess, also loan out money until payday etc - still there in the 80's. Took my two sons back there couple of years ago, was able to stand outside Tamar and point out my old mess. Didn't make it down the Wanch as had the wife with us as well.
  3. Had a 3 week AMP there in 92, that was enough! The body couldn't have taken much more. An amazing place.
  4. Also there 73-75. Remember it well.
  5. Yes Mr Ling was still there untill the end. His morning wake up call "tea,coffee,soft"drink one morning hung over; so to shut him up I said "get me a can of Iron Bru & I'll give you $20" The bugger came back with 2,how was I to know they sold them in the NAAFI up the hill.Great old guy he got an M.B.E.
    You should have gone toWanchai,although there are still some girly bars it's pretty sterile now,more like a yuppy wine bar area.Still a few good old pubs & discos.I'll be there on 3/11 for a night out.
  6. Had a loan draft to the Beachampton while under training in '78. We only stayed onboard while actually at sea, and moved into barracks when alongside. It was great to have Mr Ling looking after us. A loud bellow of "MR LING!!!" while lying in bed of a Saturday morning after the exertions of last night's run ashore would bring him running. We'd despatch him down to Macdonalds to get us some breakfast, and he'd put the bill on your tab.

    He'd be down the ship every second Thursday for his money, and woe betide you if you didn't have it for him.

    He had no fingers on one hand. They were reputed to have been cut off one by one with a bayonet by the Japs during WW2.
  7. Anyone want to see a commcen crew photo from 74/75 ish?

    I will dig out my scanner if you do.
  8. was there 94 to the end in 97, served on the peacock. fantastic time
  9. Did you know Dicky(Andy) Bird?
  10. Honkers - A good run ashore. Had a few good sessions in the Tamar wets before heading out to the China Fleet Club and down the Wanch. For the price of a few old berthing lines Jennys side party would paint the boat and the lads could relax and recover from their hangovers until secure and time to do it all again. :thumright:
  11. That should be good for a laugh, that was around my time. Thanks.
  12. Starling and Base Ordnance in 87 - "10 years to go" t-shirt and all...
  13. I was in TAMAR in 1955-56 when Mr Ling (Wong Qui Ling) was the S&S Unofficial Messboy. We also had an Official Messboy - an LEP who wore a Scribes branch badge upside down.
  14. Remember him so well. He used to bring us a cuppa first thing, it was in a huge tin teapot and disgusting but since we usually had hangovers it didn't matter. He lived in one of the rooms with us in the JRs accommodation block and when you knocked on his door to borrow money (every blank week) there were always loads of them in there. I think his whole family lived in. I only had one problem with him - he lost my best shirt doing my laundry! There was another guy about the same age who worked for us in the VS store. His name was Li Wing and he used to squat down and eat fish-heads and rice out of a tin can. I used to think it was a saying until I saw him. He supplemented his government money by packing everyone's crates to send home, full of stereo gear etc. Apparently he had been there since the war too. There were no WRENs when I was there but some very nice WRACs and Army nurses...
  15. Since the S&S badge is a star and an upside-down W is an M perhaps he thought he was wearing a messman's badge - ? lol
  16. Can you see yourself bob?


    If any of you boys recognise yourself, (you were skin then) email me.
  17. bobc - it was a Messman's badge, worn on his RN Uniform as an LEP rating.
  18. Was on the Yarnton in 83/84.
  19. O_F: Good guess then!
    And to N_M_C: No I'm not in that photo. I was MSO crew, although we did work up the comcen when they painted our office. I seem to remember going up there to burn paper when our incinerator went on the blink.
    We also went to a civvy incinerator once, which was run by an old hand who got us pissed in his office after we chucked all the bags into a huge furnace! Happy daze.
  20. Served on Plover 96-97 till the handover.
    Mr Ling a gift from the gods to all Jr,s in the prince of wales 18th floor.
    He was still helping the Jr,s get through till payday and always had a pot noodle handy to settle the stomach.
    Any one remember samauri sid the barber? you could ask for any hairstyle and still come away with short back and sides!!!
    I also left the mob and returned to work for 5 years in HK,married the girl i met in 96 happy days.
    Will be back at easter for a couple of weeks.

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