h.m.s maidstone and narvik


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can anyone remember when the maidstone and narvik left faslane, i know the maidstone ended up as a prison ship in northern ireland, but can't remember when they left. all you pensioners must be able to recall something. being ex 3rd submarine sqadron based there i should be able to. ( early stages of senile dementia perhaps. )
The back end of 1966 as HMS Neptune opened up. At that time the Northern end of the Jetty area which is now the V Boat facility and covered dock was still part of Faslane Ship Breakers and outside the base.

Prior to Faslane the 3rd SM Squadron and Maidstone were based in Rothesay Bay on the Isle of Bute.

I was there said he---------- :lol: :lol:

Narvik left in the March 1968 and Maidstone left in January 1968.

Maidstone went to Rosyth to pay off -----------I left it at Rosyth and went to Forth in June 1968.
she went to N.Ireland 1969 --returned 1977 scrapped in 1978
Narvik went to Rosyth aswell as a store ship 1968-1971 then was sold for scrap

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