Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by neepheed, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello
    Can any one tell me if the H.M.S Euryalus association is still active? I noticed the web site has not been updated for a couple of years and when I wrote to an address given on the site my letter was returned.
  2. thanks for asking the question I too have not seen an update for some time

  3. It seems a sad affair that so many Ship associations go this way, usually because of the lack of input, or attendances at reunions. I have been on some that have fallen by the wayside.

    Regards, Chris
  4. The assoc is still active, my father is a member at the age of 83, they have a reunion every year normally in portsmouth, but I know that they are planning a big do in Chathem next year on the anniversary of the keel laying
    the address that you need is
    MR David Cotton
    38 Meon Road
    GL55 6TD
  5. Evening all!
    My first post on your site!
    HMS Euryalus Association is still going strong I'm pleased to say. We've just had the AGM at Bridlington. My Hubby 'Henry' Cotton has been sec for the last 2 years and has resigned due to ill health. I have been elected in his place.
    We have the Reunion dinner on Sat 11th Oct at the Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth, and as somebody has just said, we are planning a big weekend in Chatham next year. June 6th 2009, AGM, Commemoration, and Reunion Dinner.
    Web site I hope will be updated shortly, when someone is able to access it.
    In the meantime I can be contacted re most things you need to know!
    Barbara Cotton
    [email protected]
  6. Hi Babara
    Glad Dad (Ken T) managed to get to phone you will keep him informed should I find anything else out
  7. Something not quite right about the pic "C42 Sirte".
  8. Please could you clarify whats not right?
  9. How many turrets?
  10. See what you mean, have been doing a bit of research on Google!!
    This shows her with 3 turrets,some other pics show her with only 2. Will have a chat with some of our members and see if I can clear it up!!
  11. "Warships of WWII" (Lenton and Colledge) shows her in 1942 with three for'ard turrets, and quotes armament as "10 x 5.25 in"

  12. From same source:- Group 1 (Dido,Euryalus,Naiad,Phoebe,Sirius, Bonaventure,Hermoine,Charybdis,Cleopatra,Scylla,Argonaut), were designed with 10 x 5.25 in. Charybdis and Scylla were completed with 8 x 4.5 in. due to non availability of 5.25 turrets. Phoebe and Cleopatra later had "Q" turret removed.
    Group 2 (Bellona,Black Prince,Diadem,Royalist,Spartan), were completed without "Q" turret in first instance.
    Janes shows a picture of Sirius with three for'ard turrets, and quotes, "Several, including Argonaut, Phoebe, Scylla, now have only 8 x 5.25 in."

  13. ....heres me thinking you were on about the Leander class frigate, HMS EURYALUS (F15 - GJLW)!

    It was my first ship which I joined on her second commission in 1969 though by that time the RN had commenced 'trickle drafting'.
  14. Anyone interested in the Association, we have a dinner at The Royal Maritime Club Pompey, sat 11 Oct.
    2009 -June 6 - AGM, Dinner and C42 launch 70th Anniv: commemoration.
    Please pm me for details!
  15. Thanks for all the info. I was trying to get a membership for my old man and had given up, now at least I know who to speak to. I noticed the web site has disappeared now. There's a picture of some of the crew of HMS Euryalus in my old man's photo collection you can see it here.

    http://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/PDVr49
  16. Use the link in Lamris post Neeps for Euryalus Assoc' . :thumright:
  17. Q turret aftermost on forward deck was removed at John Brown ship yard during 43-44 refit, as there was a shortage of 5,25 turrets for aircraft carriers
  18. I made the website for my Dad, but changed ISp, pictures can been seen if you got to webshots and search for euryalus

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