H.M.S. Belfast

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 21_Man, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Quote from todays Sunday Telegraph.....

    "The ship's cat from HMS Belfast drowned when it was thrown into the Thames by a youth and two young women. They were caught on CCTV creeping up on the cat, Kilo, as it made his [sic] way home along the gangway of the warship, which is moored near London Bridge."
  2. I remember one of the lads tossing his parrot out of the scuttle in the middle of the Indian Ocean when it flew down from the fan trunking and spilt his grog.
  3. They should throw 'em in after the cat. Tossers!! I hope the RSPCA prosecute them if the BELFAST doesn't.

  4. Orrible things cats if they are not fouling your garden they are decimating our songbird population.

    The Ozzies have the right idea make a nice warm hat out of them.
  5. I'd just like the addresses of the three individuals please
  6. These cnuts are the same sort of low life who would easily without a care throw another human the same way. :threaten:
  7. Suppose that means his replacement will have to go to backward swimmers :thumright:
    Don't like to see any animal mistreated even cats which I detest.

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