H.M.B.Y.M.S. - any ideas ?

Was visiting a CWGC cemetery at Pihen-le-Guines yesterday (near Wissant/Calais) with a friend looking for a relative's grave.

There were some graves in the communal cemetery, but also a CWGC extension. Mainly RAF and all its national variations, with many nationalities represented.

However, a few naval types including one (whose name I didn't note) but who was RNVR. Normal thing is for the ship's name to follow, but with this guy it had the initials above - 11th (?) September 1946.

Tried a search for the initials, with no joy. Any ideas ?.
Cheers SW

I think I've the man, oddly it gives his service number as 2002 - whereas I believe he was indeed on His Majesty's British Yard Mine Sweeper (number) 2002 -I see references elsewhere to them being HMS BYMS

CWGC Service Info

Casualty report has him as a drowning

Incredible what's on the web now, even highlighting error(s) in CWGC details

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