Gynecomastia surgery

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Wannabe_Warfare, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. I've had gynecomastia since 2010, and have since been trying to get rid of it through weight loss and hormone medication. All of the doctors I've spoken to have agreed that surgery is now the only way to get rid of it. I am 20 years old.

    Basically I want to know whether getting surgery for it would be a bar to entry. I'm f*cking done with it, I feel self concious all the time and I'm having the procedure. I just want to know whether I'm good, or I should start looking for other career paths.

    I'd be really grateful for any replies, Ninja or Angrydoc, you had any candidates with this question?

    Also accepting man boob jokes if they make me laugh.
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  2. Loving the Bootie theme, very relevant!
  3. exJenny

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    You'll meet some right tits in the mob so you won't miss yours!

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  4. Make sure you keep us abreast of developments.
  5. Largely depends on the cause to be honest. I assume you've had your adeno-pituitary axis checked?
  6. I have not.
  7. Keep 'em, some female members of our service will be green with envy!
  8. Gynecomastia is no laughing matter.....

    TBH I served with all shapes of men, sunken chests, moobs, fat knackers and whippets alike, so a bit of major boobage might have been a welcome change. But if you've made your mind up, best of luck with it. I hope your new hooter free chest will succeed in the Navy or out of it, and that your adrenals are no cause for concern.
  9. You need to.
  10. Ok, got it, thanks very much. What diagnosis would make me PMU?
  11. It depends in the cause to be honest. Some causes are permanently remediable, others aren't. Conditions that require ongoing treatment are typically not acceptable.
  12. I see. I'm planning on joining the UOTC this year. If I get as far as the medical that'll give me a rough idea. I'll ask my GP about the adreno-pituitary axis too. Thanks for your help.

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