Gyms and metrosexuals

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by daffy1, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Its been a while since my last drip which was about Facebook, well this time its about the above title.
    Anyway i shall begin. My parents received through the post a free membership for Virgin Active, it only lasted a couple of days, but my parents were far too busy to go so as a gesture of good will they gave me this golden ticket. ''Hooray'' i thought, i can ditch the meathead gym for a couple of days, and have a couple of days of luxury. So i started on the Monday (14/12/09), and as soon as i walked in there i was amazed with all the high-tech c.v equipment and the space age weights machine (this even put Lympstone to shame) so after 30 minutes has passed of doing weights, posing for the women etc i decided to have ago of the treadmill, so after 10 minutes of a brisk jog, a good looking chick came on the one next to me, so there i was checking her out in the corner of my eye when all of a sudden she pulled out a book and started reading and walking at the same time. How can this be, you dont go the gym to read?, then to top it all of the other treadmill on my right side got occupied by some bloke who was reading the times. Am i missing something here ? do we no longer get sweaty, or work hard in the gym or is that the ''new age'' man thing ?.
    So after doing the work out i returned back to the changing rooms , and what i saw next would make any one piss them selves laughing. I saw two blokes using hair strightners ???????, and you could tell that people round them was staring and trying to contain them selves. And it gets worst, they started applying make-up ( is there a such a thing on the high street?) hair-gel the whole lot.

    This may seem like a pointless drip to some, but i was brought up with the ethos you go the gym to work hard, nothing more. And i think the young men of today could be going soft, and spending to much money on beauty products when they should be spending it on booze.

    Whats your thoughts on this ?
  2. Nice try fuck nuts; your defence for being in the ladies changing room won't wash with me, and it won't wash with the Magistrate
  3. Jesus, they should be used as a castration tool for anyone purchasing one.
  4. Virgin Active? More like the Blue Oyster Club gym and Juice Bar.
    Daffy I'm seriously worried that even a rabbit would induce you to cross the threshhold of such a heemer institution.
    You have been seen off by your own kith and kin, as your Ma and Pa were obviously aware that their eyes would need bleeching after even 5 minutes in such a 'cosmopolitan' place.
    Get back to a more manly gym where the floors are bare wood covered in sawdust, the weights are lumps of pig iron and the bloke eying you up at least resembles a man! 8O
  5. Or by-pass these institutions and just buy a tractor tyre, a sledge hammer and a rope. 20 minutes spent hammering the shite out of the tyre will have you breathing out your arse, and tug of war pulls on the tyre up a hill will finish you off :D
  6. Ah the manly art of improvisied exercise equpment.
    One of NZs most revered All Blacks Colin Meads only used to use his work as a farmer for his training, running up and down hillsides with fence posts on your back tends to build character!
  7. Oh im going back to my local gym its not clean or pretty but i feel safe there.
  8. He sounds like a nice bloke.
  9. I have a mate who trains for MMA by dgging holes, stone-walling and beating shit out of people. seems to work for him too!
  10. It would be nice to have the hair to use them on . . .
  11. My thoughts exactly, I'd have to use a steam iron (which ones are good for Raleigh???)
  12. This might help mate.

    Q & A

    These one could do the job

    Highly recommended
  13. Not sure which worries me more, the fact they make this shite or the fact you know the websites :wink:
  14. .....I hope you weren't typing "Grooming" into your Search Engine.....
    people in anti-riot gear may batter your front door down at half three
    in the morning and take your computer away.
  15. Shit, i better do a mass delete.
  16. got a new machine at my local gym i spent ages on it and i feel great it sells snickers, mars bars, crisps,coke the ish cant wait 2 get back on it in the mornin
  17. At my old gym, most of the women applied makeup and did their hair before their training session! A selling point with one particular brand of make-up was that it would 'withstand even the most rigorous workout'.

  18. Take a wee bit more than the contents of SuperDrug to sort this out:

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