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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dean5778, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello, this is pretty much aimed at anyone who’s knowledgeable about supplements you can take when you are exercising in the gym. But anyone can comment if they know the answer.

    Basically I’ve been working out in the gym now since February this year. I mainly work on my upper body strength. But it’s only in the past 2 months I’ve really kicked it up a notch, and been doing intense workouts. I have just gone online to buy my usual protein shakes (Maximuscle Cyclone), and came across these supplements also that you can take to give you that extra kick! They sound really good, and I have read all the literature that was on the page I bought it from.

    They are called APPLIED NUTRICEUTICALS RPM (link: )

    My only concern is that I have my medical examination next month, and you have a urine sample test. I have gone over and over this link to see if it says anything about a substance that might be considered wrong or illegal. It doesn’t have anything, and even states that “All of this is accomplished using 100% safe herbal preparations in its ingredient profile.â€

    That’s all fine and well, but I know how strict the Navy is when it comes to drugs in your system. It doesn’t have ephedrine or steroids in it. I have never taken anything like that and don’t intend on doing. I have contacted the website, but as it’s Christmas, I doubt I’ll get a reply soon.
    I’ve probably already answered my own question here, but does this product you think go against the policies of the Royal Navy in regard to body enhancing supplements?

    Any relevant help would be most appreciated.
  2. I cant give you the answer but maybe its not worth risking it?

    Or maybe try and find the navy's drug use policy? or what can and cannot be taken?
  3. yea man its not worth it... probably dont work anyway
  4. It's what I am thinking too! don't wanna ruin my future career over it. I think I will just stick to my protein shakes.
  5. Are you going as a Diver?
  6. no mate. why?
  7. Depends on your goals, I wouldn't take extra supplements unless you want to really bulk up! Best thing to do is talk to the fitness instructors and perhaps look at more challenging techniques. E.g. Chin-ups with weight/more weight, press ups in less stable positions etc.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Supplements are certainly not considered necessary providing you eat healthily & under no circumstances use them as replacement meals.

    Following complaints from the parents of new-joiners regarding the unnecessary potential expense of these products, they are most certainly not endorsed.

    That said, providing you are not taking unprescribed anabolic steroids, (which are prohibited & can result in disciplinary action being taken if you are found in possession) it's up to you if you feel spending money on these products helps you.
  9. Hey Ninka_stoker. Thanks for the reply. Taking suppliments isn't something I usually do. I drink protein shakes though, and I see results from them, I am happy to spend my cash on them. But thought I would try something different. They are not steroids, so that wont be an issue with me. I see lads down at my gym taking that stuff and seriously, the side effects outweigh any gain from a bigger body.

    I'm waiting to hear back from the store I got them from for confirmation. All I was worried about is the urine test. Do you think if I was to try them, I should bring the bottle with me to my medical to just make sure?
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally, unless you wish to join as an RM Commando & weigh under 60kg, there is nothing to be gained if you wish to bulk-up on muscle mass. You need to be able to run rather than lift heavy weights- the emphasis is CV fitness.

    That said, as stated it's up to the individual with regard non-steroidal supplements. I've heard anecdotal tales of excessive protien in urine, but it's simply remedied if you need to take a second test in order to be passed fit.
  11. As long as they are not steroid based you should be ok but to be honest i think its more the type of exercise you do. Something i have recently got into and have noticed quite quick results is a thing called Crossfit. have a look at the web site and see if there are any groups near you.

    You will love it!!!!!
  12. wow this looks good! I have just sent an email to one in my area. they are only a few miles away. Defo going to take this up before I leave for Raleigh.

    Thanks mate!
  13. Goodo! Welcome to the revolution!!!!
  14. seriosuly lads don't bother, you don't need to for basic, just make sure your at a good level of fitness.

    I went in after playing pro rugby and didn't train anything like i used to, it's not geared towards being a beast who can lift the heaviest weights etc, the training is more endurance based, a lot of running, press ups sit ups, body weight circuits, i struggled from time to time because i used to do move ballistic training ie short sharp drills, raleigh is more endurance.

    do the suppliments when you get to your phase 2 establishment.
  15. Don't take supplements. They just want fit nippy guys who can do push ups, sit ups and run fast. You'll never get told to dead lift 120kg. It's all cardio work out's, with upper body strength thrown in. Think of a light weight boxer's physique.

    I'm personally into my weights, but I stopped them 6 months leading up and I've just been concentrating on the basics. I intend on getting back into the gym when I pass my phase 1.
  16. Get out running most/every day, go to some british military fitness classes if there are some in your area, do push ups and situps every day. A couple of times a week you could lift just for extra stregnth, but really no more than that. I am basing this on my TA experience, the guys and girls that are the fittest for the military PT are the ones who do running, circuits (e.g brit mil fit) and bodyweight exercises for the bulk of their training, not the maHOOOSIVE rugby player types, who have trouble keeping up on squadded runs, esp (believe it or not) when carrying rifle, webbing and bergen.
  17. Like I said before lads. Crossfit is ideal for it! and for anyone who just wants to get fitter. Been in over 11yrs now and its the best thing I have done!
  18. Thanks for your input guys. The situation is this with me, I'm a pretty broad lad. And you can tell from looking at me i'm not really the slim, toned, marathon runner. When I started the gym early this year my ambition was to be big and muscley, and not really aerobic. In-fact I hardly done any cardio at all.

    But the past three months I've changed tatics and begun to introduce cardio into my routine, running especially. I have at least another month or so before I have my fitness test. I'm 23 so I should be aiming to get 12:20. But for the moment i'm not counting, i'm just getting my body adapted to running in general.

    Once New Year is over I'll start to concentrate on cardio more and cut down on weights. I'll have plenty of time to build back up again. And I have got in contact with that Crossfit. But I think they are on holiday as not heard out from them yet. I'll tell them exactly what I want when I join. And then that gives me a few months to get in shape for Raleigh.
  19. You sound just like me. If you were doing weights without taking supplements you should keep most of the muscle, but maybe deflate a little. But you can keep off weights for a few months and get back on them without back tracking too much. It's the guy's who bulk up on all the drugs and that who lose everything the second they stop. I'm the same now as I was 6 months ago, except slimmer and more toned. I could get back to how I used to be in a few months. But these days I'm running 13 mile cross country and I'm loving that more than being a heavy big bastard.
  20. Ha I wish I could do 13 miles and not feel the pain afterwards. I'm about 13.4 stone and 6"2 tall. So I have a lot of body to shift. I guess it's all about technique. I breath deeply when running and try not to flap about too much. Keep my head up and just stick to the motions. I'm luckly to be living next to an outdoor athletic track too. I know at Raleigh you do most of your 2.4km running on that, and not a treadmill. But seems as my first test will be on a treadmill I am training on that for the moment. But will begin using the track once I pass my test.

    See my problem is that I've just spent all year building my phisique up to the point that I really love the way I look now. And if I do a lot of cardio and weights i'm going to create negative growth, as my body will begin cannibalising my muscles for energy. That would be a complete waste of my time doing weights then. But the Navy means a lot to me and I really want to enjoy every moment of my phase 1 training, so I guess i'll just have to stop if I want to find it easier to handle when I get down to Raleigh.

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