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Gym/running buddy - Manchester


Alright guys

I'm looking for a gym or running partner to train with in Manchester before I take the leap and apply to join.

Currently doing cardio 4-5 times a week, however I'm hopeless at running. My best so far is 2k in 13-14mins (I would of keeled over if I did the full 2.4k). I've cut down on the fags with the aim of ditching them all together, however I'm still really struggling with running!

If anyone's interested, let us know!



War Hero
Mancunians are well fast I've seen them running with a fridge or television in their arms:shaking2:


Mancunians are well fast I've seen them running with a fridge or television in their arms:shaking2:

Ha! We've advanced to the next stage now. Some Mancs have been spotted towing a three seater sofa on the back of a mobility scooter


War Hero
Sounds like DoyleMCR is some kind of predator wanting to take advantage of aspirating matelots and WRNS.

Ok probably just the matelots.
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