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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Rachelthree, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. I know there are plenty of threads in this forum but i am going to be a rebel and start a new one!

    I feel like i am not getting anywhere with me fitness and was wondering if any of you fitness gurus had any advice. I go swimming at least twice a week and do 3 outdoor runs which is all alreet, but at the gym i don't end up doing alot. I go a few times a week but just tend to do the step machine for 40 mins then get bored and trot off. Any ideas on decent gym plans or where to find them? My weight is alright and i eat well but i guess need a plan that will help keep my weight at this point and also to help improve stamina, strength and whatever else i need for training and beyond. I also do the sit up and press up challenges but my upper body strength could do with improving!

    Thanks in advance fitties :D
  2. See Blackrat.....................Three weeks in his dungeon would sort you out:love10:
  3. It's not my orifices that need working out and getting in shape, otherwise yes that would be the best option :p
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  4. Bin the gym and save some dosh if it's not helping.

    Dysentery is good for weight loss.
  5. Bin the Gym and join local leisure centre, or something like it that runs group circuits, if self motivation doesn't not work for you a bit of peer pressure in the group might?
  6. Yeah might be a good idea to try that, it is not so much that i lack motivation to go and workout by myself- i am just a bit lost in what is most effective to be doing and all that.
  7. Gen, now I know I must have been talking a load of old cobblers. :tongue:

    Training partner could help, natural partnerships may form when paired off during circuits, and arranged activities will increase your knowledge of what works for you, or what you enjoy and works for you.
  8. Haha, i did circuits, boxfit which works on the same principal and that at my uni gym but the gym back home is being renovated and so hold no classes at the moment :( im so dedicated though i am prepared to cycle a few miles to get to the next gym. Makes sense everything you suggest so i am gonna hit them up tomorrow :)
  9. Just to Geg in on this,, if anyone has any tips on building upper body strength, they will be greatly appreciated, (weights I know duh, but how) thankssss
  10. Chins dips and rope climbs.

    With weight No charge. :tongue8:
  11. GNG


    You want to swap your "40 minutes" for 25-30 minutes interval. Hop onto the treadmill and do a two minute warm up at 40% max pace I.e. 9km/h then do one minute at 15km/h then another at 7km/h. Repeat the minute at 15 followe by the minute at 7 for 20 minutes.

    Circuit wise, incorporate full range of motion ie instead of isolating shoulder press squats chest press etc do squats going into chest press, it won't make you bulk up it'll greatly help fat loss and toning as well as improving your performance by breaking the plateau you're on at the moment.

    You should ideally change routine every 2 months at the latest or you'll stop making gainzzz
  12. GNG


    Squats going into overhead press*
  13. GNG


    Don't just do the three sets of 12 as everyone does, if you're doing push ups for example do 15, 22, 29, 34, 39 and then finish with one set where you do as many as you can
  15. GNG you are OMM's long lost brother aren't you? ^_~
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  16. Just go for a run every night, wear a heavy rucksack, go as fast as you possibly can, don't stop until you vomit.
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  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fixed that for you.
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  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Tentoes' idea of joining a group training session is good, especially an outdoor one (BMF/boot camp, sort of thing). It takes you away from the gym environment (not always comfortable for females when the muscles bosuns are oggling you), you will seek motivation from likeminded females (with some "encouragement" from the instructor!) and there's a chance you'll develop a new social circle.

    Failing that, carry bigger shopping bags... :thumbleft:
  19. GNG


    Interesting bellaw, however I would strongly disagree with your point about HIIT. I would never suggest ditching the endurance sessions (10-15k runs) but I would always recommend that HIIT be incorporate in addition to the endurance sessions, every study done on I has proven its benefits to endurance athletes.

    RE the steroids corner, I would disagree here as well, you wouldn't find the steroids corner performing squats going into overhead press that type prefer to isolate and work individual muscles ie pec or bicep. Working on exercises such as squat to overhead press, again in addition to the basic circuits would be hugely beneficial for the training. I agree a military applicant should be focussing on body weight, however solely working out using push ups sit ups burpees crunches and pull ups can be intensely boring and new exercises done properly will only enhance training.

    That's my ten cents, everyone has a different approach I guess, mine works for me!!
  20. Firstly, I didn't say anything about ditching HIIT training. I stated that you must work all your bodies systems, which can be divided into five bands. Utilisation 2 (light aerobic work), Utilisation 1 (heavier aerobic work using more 02), Anaerobic threshold, Oxygen transportation and Anaerobic. If you only spend time working HIIT you will be able to cover 800meters relatively quick but won't have the endurance to back up that speed. If you worked UT1 and UT2 you build your engine up and will be able to carry your speed for longer. Of course, it is a great idea to work different systems per session. It really depends on how many sessions you want to do a week.

    Secondly, I did say I was all for compound lifts. Working big muscle groups through compound lifts is very beneficial. Front and back squats, deadlifts, bench press ect can provide gains when it comes strength and power. They can also help improvements with body weight exercises. However if you focus too much on weight training you may find it harder to do the basic body weight exercises.

    At the end of the day it's imperative you have aims, have a plan and set yourself challenges. You do seem obsessed with the squat into press. If you're push pressing the same as you're squatting... Oh dear!!

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