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Hey. I'm a regular gym user at the moment as a civy and in the process of joining up. I was wondering if anyone could give me any infromation on the gym facilities onboard ships?. Just wondering if most ships had them and what sort of equipment they have?thanks alot.
Welcome mate. Every ship I've been on has facilities of some description, although as you can imagine on some space is at a premium. Some T23's I've had have superb facilities in the winch well. Plenty of weights benches, runners, rowers, eliptical trainers etc so your well catered for. On the motre cramped T42's I've had, there is still at least one weights bay, rowers and bikes. And there is always an upper deck to run around. If your into your training there is nothing to stop you continuing that onboard. In fact you may even find your training more whilst at sea.
During my time in the Marines I served on HMS Marlboro for a few months, The Circuits i particated in with the ships company everyday were awesome, Some of the best Phyz sessions i did through my whole service. Mind you it was In the Persian Gulf and it was around 2 million degrees.


Baseport gyms are also pretty good: and free! When you get into the RN you can resign your civvy gym membership and save a fortune!
The gym I visited at Faslane was excellent, the PTI there was telling us how they had just refitted the whole gym with brand new equipment, It was a nice set up , even had it's own boxing ring.


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