Gym Discounts for Serving Members

National schemes now exist giving serving Armed Forces members discounts. If you are interested in getting a discount from your gym/club, read on. This applies if you are already a member of the clubs involved.

We have negotiated discounts with some of the leading clubs around the UK and can offer these to any military personnel. Simply the more people who get involved, the more discount we can negotiate. New discount packages became available from April 2006.

The main players are:

LA Fitness
Fitness First
Virgin Active

Background. This scheme was set up for my TA sub-unit in order to improve fitness. I needed to encourage my guys to get to the gym. Now, some months on, we can offer this nationally. We are getting about 25% off the normally monthly fees and benefit from some special conditions. i.e If you are deployed away you can freeze/cancel your account with one of the gyms - you don't get that with many clubs!

How to take part.
There is no fee to join, it is totally free. All we ask is that you register on our site to get the information. Why? We need to be able to provide statistics to new and exisiting clubs to help us negotiate continued discounts and registering gives us some ammo!

If you are a member of a club that is not part of our agreement, let us know and we will try to negotiate for you - it's surprising what healthy competition can do for prices!

To go to the site click here The detail on the site is aimed at TA Officers and Soldiers, but is open to all MOD personnel.

Please feel free to pass this URL on to your service friends, but please ask them to register on the site.